The POS system with support for your industry

The Shopbox POS system supports all industries. We’ve developed
special features that can help your business get to the next level and
save you time. Read about these features below.


Choose the ultimate package for Retail. With Shopbox you can get an integration to your webshop, so that your orders and payments are gathered in one place. At the same time, you can create discount structures and customer clubs for your customers.

Food and Beverage

Save time by allowing your guests to place orders and pay from their table via a QR code. The orders go directly into your checkout system and are at the same time printed out to, for example, the chefs in your kitchen or to the bartenders in the bar.


Get the solution for craftsmen, hairdressers and clinics where your cash register system talks to your accounting system so that your bookkeeping is updated automatically. In addition, create different product categories and offer discounts.

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