The checkout system that supports your industry

Shopbox's checkout system supports all industries and we have developed special functions that can contribute to the growth of your business while freeing up your time. Read which functions are involved below.


Restaurant & take-away

At Shopbox, we have many years of experience in delivering digital checkout systems and POS systems

Street food & food trucks

At Shopbox, we don’t just offer an intuitive digital point of sale system. We offer complete solutions that

Bakery, cafe & bar

An efficient checkout system makes a huge difference when you have to be able to handle many customers during the race

Fashion & interior shop

If you are the owner of a clothing store or an interior design store, you probably know that there are many parts to the business

Wine shop

Do you want a smarter checkout system for your wine shop? With Shopbox you collect the entire business


Shopbox brings the entire business together on one platform with our digital point of sale solution for your kiosk. By

Tourism & entertainment

Shopbox offers an intuitive digital POS checkout system for businesses in tourism and

Care & beauty

Get a better checkout solution for your beauty salon or hairdressing salon with Shopbox. Our cashsolu

Service & craftsmanship

Shopbox offers a box solution for craftsmen and the service industry, which can handle both

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