POS & Payment for Fashion and Interiors

Shopbox streamlines managing fashion or interior stores by integrating all business operations, from bookkeeping to payment processing, into one POS and Payment solution.

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Easy and integrated

Shopbox simplifies your operations and enhances your business insights. Our POS system seamlessly integrates your physical and online stores, ensuring complete inventory control. It is perfect for fashion or interior stores seeking a smarter POS solution.

Inventory and reordering

Streamline your inventory management effortlessly with Shopbox's POS solution. Our system provides real-time stock levels, alerts you for product reorders, and offers insights into your best-selling items. Designed for smaller inventories, it's versatile enough for any business, ensuring you maintain in-store and online stock levels.


  • Complete overview of inventory
  • Automatic alerts when it’s time to reorder items
  • Detailed insights into product sales
  • Optimal flow between purchased and sold items

For you and your customers

Shopbox streamlines e-commerce by integrating our POS solution, which manages all payments and inventory in one platform. This ensures up-to-date sales and stock levels for both your in-store and online operations.

Better payment solutions

A digital POS system boosts your fashion or interior store's efficiency and cuts costs.


  • Accept all payment methods 
  • Integrate MobilePay transactions
  • Attractive payment processing agreement
  • Integrates with your accounting system

At Shopbox, we prioritize customer-centric, complete solutions. We offer a versatile POS system suitable for the high-volume transactions of fashion outlets or the significant sales of interior stores. Our team is ready to guide you in selecting the best payment agreements and terminals, ensuring a tailored, efficient POS solution for your business.

Sales insights

Shopbox's customer module simplifies tracking for B2C and B2B clients, offering insights into their purchase history to understand better and serve their needs, thereby optimizing your business.

Customer loyalty

Our loyalty module provides essential customer insights and purchasing behaviors, enabling better business management and targeting. It's designed for B2C in the fashion and interior industry and boosts satisfaction and sales through unique features.

With Shopbox’s POS, you:

  • Receive automatic sales reports
  • Gain insights into inventory and reordering
  • Understand your profit margins and sales profits
  • Identify your best- and worst-selling products
  • Motivate your employees and track their sales

Choose Shopbox's POS and Payment solution to enhance customer service and store efficiency.

Discounts and gift cards

Boost your sales with our user-friendly POS system for fashion and interior stores.

Effortlessly create discounts, special offers, and bundle deals to attract more customers, whether in-store or online.

Say goodbye to tedious manual data entry and get valuable sales insights with our fully digital platform.

Save time and money while improving efficiency and focusing on customer satisfaction.


  • Create discounts for unique products
  • Boost repeat visits by offering gift cards 
  • Set up offers and promotions

Choose Shopbox for streamlined POS solutions that enhance discounts, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Automatic bookkeeping

Streamline cash management and receipt handling with Shopbox's digital POS system, which integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting tools, including e-conomic, Dinero, Billy, and Microsoft Business Central.

Our system, adhering to digital bookkeeping regulations, records transactions in real-time and ensures a quick, 20-second end-of-day closure, merging compliance with convenience for your team.

Choose Shopbox POS solution to elevate your business operations and maintain precise bookkeeping effortlessly.

Easy, fast & reliable

Shopbox delivers a tailored, affordable POS system for fashion and interior stores. It boasts modern, intuitive features for a cost-effective, streamlined business operation.

Experience competitive pricing, flexible licensing, and optional packages that exceed your expectations. Assistance with setup is readily available.

Try it and see the difference.