About Shopbox

Shopbox is a Danish-based fintech company offering Point of Sale (POS) software with integrated Payment solutions as a core system for small and medium-sized restaurants, stores and chains across the Nordic region. The solution simplifies the creation of a complete product catalog, online ordering, digital menu, customer service, and payment acceptance in both physical and digital channels.

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Empowering Merchants, Simplifying Success

Our mission

Empowering Merchants to Grow

At Shopbox, we believe in the power of simplicity and efficiency. Our mission is to help store owners efficiently run and grow their physical and online businesses.

Simplifying Sales for Stronger Customer Relationships

We aim to enhance the sales experience by digitizing and simplifying the process, enabling merchants to build stronger customer relationships.

Comprehensive Business Solutions

Our vision is to seamlessly integrate all aspects of your business, providing unique insights that support development and growth. We strive to deliver proactive recommendations based on these insights to optimize operations and earnings.

Focus on What Matters Most

By reducing unnecessary administration, Shopbox frees up your time, allowing you to focus on your business's fun and commercial aspects. Our goal is to foster growth for businesses in the Nordic region and to be the leading POS supplier in the market.

Our Vision Statements

Creating a seamless and efficient sales experience for merchants, empowering them to focus on growth and customer relationships.

# 01

Empowering Growth Through Innovation:

We envision a future where every merchant can effortlessly grow their business with the help of innovative and user-friendly POS solutions.

# 02

Seamless Integration for Holistic Success:

Our vision is to integrate all facets of business operations, providing comprehensive insights and tools to drive efficiency and growth.

# 03

Focus on Passion, Not Paperwork:

We aim to relieve merchants of administrative burdens, allowing them to concentrate on their business's creative and commercial aspects.

# 04

Leading the Nordic Region in POS Solutions:

Our aspiration is to be the premier POS provider in the Nordic region, fostering business growth and delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Meet the team and our experts

Our team has many years of experience with cafes, restaurants, and bakeries. We understand the importance of developing solutions that can save business owners time in these specific categories.

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