POS & payment for entertainment

Built for tourism and entertainment, this solution seamlessly handles ticket sales, café operations, and merchandise sales. All from one configurable and fully integrated POS and Payment solution.

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POS with ticket integration

Integrate your digital register with ticketing systems and use Shopbox to sell merchandise, tickets, food, drinks, and more. Enhance service capacity with our easy-to-set-up mobile POS & payment solution. 

Inventory Management

Selling tickets, alongside merchandise and food and beverage sales, is key in tourism and entertainment revenue. Shopbox's POS system adeptly manages ticket, café, and merchandise transactions, streamlining inventory control. It automates stock updates and reordering notifications, freeing your focus for customer engagement..


  • Overview of which items are in stock
  • Optimal flow between purchased and sold items
  • Notifications when it's time to reorder
  • Which products sell the most/least

The inventory module simplifies tracking best-sellers and identifying areas for improvement, boosting staff productivity by easing their workload. It's especially suited for museums, optimized for smaller inventories.

Never miss a sale

Reduce costs and simplify payments with Shopbox's POS system, which accepts all payment types in one unified solution, enhancing both employee and guest experiences..


  • All payment methods, including MobilePay
  • Card payments, mobile & online payments
  • Integrate payments with your accounting software

The seamless accounting integration and reliability during high-traffic events ensure a reliable payment solution when it matters most.

Loyalty features

Boost customer loyalty and increase your revenue by introducing punch and loyalty card programs that encourage more frequent visits. Leverage in-depth, real-time analytics for making informed, strategic business choices.


  • Offer perks via punch cards and loyalty cards
  • Create points and discounts 
  • Set up offers and promotions 

Shopbox offers an intuitive POS system tailored for tourism and entertainment, enabling custom register setups and fostering customer retention through in-system points and discounts.

Never miss a sale

Shopbox's POS system is crafted to accept a variety of payment methods including major cards like Mastercard, Visa, Lunar, and Revolut, along with mobile payments, catering to the tourism and entertainment sectors. It offers the ability to install self-service kiosks in low-staff areas for selling goods or services, enhancing operational flexibility and allowing you to allocate staff to more critical areas of your business.


  • Achieve great flexibility with payment solutions
  • Payments from all cards – including Mastercard and Visa Dankort
  • Receive online payments through Worldline, Nets etc.
  • Mobile payments with MobilePay, ApplePay etc.

Choose Shopbox for a flexible, all-encompassing POS system that meets your payment needs, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

Automatic book keeping

Enjoy swift integration with major accounting platforms like e-conomic, Dinero, Billy, and Microsoft Business Central, automating transaction recording and adhering to digital bookkeeping standards, saving you both time and money.


  • All transactions are digitally recorded 
  • Register handles external receipts and cash reports
  • Integrate the POS system with e-conomic, Dinero, Billy, Microsoft Business Central 

Choose Shopbox for seamless, automated bookkeeping that keeps your business compliant and efficient.

Easy, fast & reliable

Shopbox offers configurable POS & Payment solutions, including self-service kiosks and additional registers to boost service capacity, all on one easy-to-manage platform. Elevate your business with our efficient, oversight-enhancing system at competitive prices and fair payment terms. Experience the affordable excellence of our POS solution for yourself.