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Business Central is Microsoft's newly developed finance and ERP system, which is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized companies. The system gathers all the business solutions in one place, which ensures a free flow of data. At the same time, companies get access to all data regardless of time - and through all types of devices. Shopbox has the market's best integration for Business Central. Read much more below.

Danmarks bedste kassesystem

Financial management

Get a full overview of the entire finances of your company.

Danmarks bedste kassesystem

Project management

Get a tool to keep track of all your projects in relation to dates, resources and employees.

Danmarks bedste kassesystem

Supply chain

Tie your supply chains together and get 100% overview.

Business Centrals mange funktioner

Business Central consists of a number of functions that help companies gain insight into the various activities of the business. The following provides an overview of some of the functions that the system contains.

  • Financial management
  • Sales and customer management
  • Project management
  • Supply chain
  • data and reporting tool.


Financial management

helps the company manage the finances of the company. The function can, among other things, handle time registration, make invoicing and handle salary payments to employees as well as liquidity management. In addition, the function can create reminders and automate various administrative processes.

Sales and customer management

In addition, Business Central can carry out sales and customer management. This function gives the company an overview of all activities linked to sales. Thus, it is always possible to follow whether the customers are satisfied with the level of service and whether some changes are necessary.

Project management

The system can also be used for project management and provide an insight into whether the company is using its resources optimally. The advantage of the function is that it creates an overview of all the phases of a project. This could be, for example, projects such as planning, budgeting or accounting. In addition, various project elements such as resources, time records and invoicing are easily accessible and easier to control.


Take control of your supply chain

With Business Central you can get data that is unique to your business. You can get full control over all aspects of your business that many other suppliers cannot offer. Therefore, Business Central can handle very complex companies.


Supply chain

In addition, the system contains a supply chain management function, which helps the company to optimize its entire supply chain. The function makes it possible, among other things, for the company to track its shipments. Thus, it is possible to have full control over the entire supply chain.


Data and reporting tool

Business Central also offers a data and reporting tool. This organizes the company’s data and thereby creates valuable insight. In this way, the company has a real basis from which strategic decisions can be made. The company also gains insight into which work areas need to be optimized and changed to ensure constant development.


Shopbox and Business Central

Shopbox’s digital point of sale system integrates with Business Central. If you already use Business Central, you can therefore easily and simply integrate the two systems and get a solid overview of the various activities in your business. With Shopbox, all data from Business Central is stored in your point of sale system. This means that you can have stock statements and data from your customer clubs sent directly to your point of sale system. At present, Shopbox is the only system that has such a deep integration with Business Central, so if it is important for you and your company to continue using Business Central, then Shopbox is the right choice for you.

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