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As a business owner, accounting should take up as little of your daily life as possible. This means that you have more time to focus on your customers and your product. But how do you actually get the accounts to take up less of your everyday life? This is done by e.g. via automated processes that can save you a lot of wasted time. For example, your receipts can be sent directly to your accounting program via a photo from your phone. It's a smart solution that takes considerably less time than if you have to manually enter the numbers from your receipts into an accounting system.

Danmarks bedste kassesystem

Mobile accounting

Access your accounts directly from your mobile.

Danmarks bedste kassesystem

Banking license

Integrate your accounting system with your bank and get a full overview.

Danmarks bedste kassesystem

Annual accounts

Get an automatic annual report made easily and quickly.

Hvad er Billy egentlig?

Billy is an online accounting program that includes a lot of automation at good prices. Via Billy, you as a trader can therefore handle your bookkeeping and accounting yourself easily and quickly.

Billy helps you save bills, send invoices and keep track of what you owe in tax – all from your phone. You can also link Billy with your bank account for a better overview. Right now, Billy is the only accounting system in Denmark that has an approved bank license, so if a bank integration is important to you and your company, then Billy is a good choice for you.


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Billy’s numerous accounting functions

Billy’s features depend on which license you have. The free version includes the possibility of posting 300 entries, invoices, bills, VAT and gives you access to full support 7 days a week. The paid license includes many more features such as unlimited number of postings, bank reconciliation, access to integration, automatic annual accounts, automatic reminders and much more.

With Billy you get:

  • Accounting from the mobile phone
  • Banking license
  • VAT via a few clicks
  • Free support all week
  • Automatic annual accounts.

The smart thing about Billy is that you can handle your accounting from your phone, so you can, for example, send invoices to your customers on the go. If you are used to working from your phone, then this function can fit well into your routines, so you don’t have to find a computer when you need an overview of your numbers.

In addition, you can get free support throughout the week, which is an advantage, as problems are not always resolved on weekends. That is that if a problem occurs on a Sunday, you don’t have to wait until Monday before you can solve your problem.

Regnskabsprogrammets priser

Billy is available in a free version called Basic and in a paid version called Premium. The premium license costs DKK 195 per month with annual payment. There is a difference in how many functions are included with the different licenses.

If you have not decided on the choice of Billy as your accounting program, you can always start by using Billy’s free version. Then you have the opportunity to click around and get comfortable with the system before investing in the Premium license.


Integration from Shopbox to Billy

With Shopbox, you can get a point of sale system that communicates with your accounting system. This means that the sales that are registered in your point of sale system are automatically transferred to Billy, so you have an overview in both places. This makes it easy to manage the ongoing accounting and saves you from a lot of duplicate work. In addition, it is easy to get started with the integration and we at Shopbox are happy to set it all up for you if you need it.


Contact us and hear more about the integration

Contact us on tel. 31 13 15 15 and hear more about the integration for Billy or contact us via email at We are always ready to answer your questions and if you want a free demo of the Shopbox point of sale system and how it talks to Billy, we are more than happy to take the time for you.

Shopbox point of sale system and how it communicates with Billy, then we are more than happy to make time for you.


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All-in-one solution

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