Introducing the world’s fastest MPOS

“Our guests now spend less time waiting in line and more time where it matters - at the concert or football game, where the real value is created. More guests buy beverages because lines are shorter, so it’s a win-win.”

Jens Petter Stenseth, CEO at Friends Arena, Sweden


Our simple counter streamlines the ordering process, making it easy to serve more customers with fewer steps.

Easy to use

Our intuitive software allows for less staff training and more daily transactions to be performed. It’s easy for you and your staff.


We work with leading payment providers to give you the best terms on credit card machines and online payments.


Our vision is to create an app that makes managing your business simple and fun.

With Shopbox you can handle payments, customers, inventory, and staff using one app.
That’s what we call “one business – one app”.