Tomorrows cash register. Today.

NETS hardware

Everything you need to run your business.

Is your business located in Denmark? In cooperation with Nets Denmark, we are proud to present an all-in-one package with everything you need to run your business. You place the order, and we provide hardware, tablet, card terminal, software from Shopbox and acquiring agreement from Nets. With no start-up fees and prices from 649 DKK/month, there simply is no cheaper solution on the market.

Meet Shopbox at Lauras Bakery,


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Fast transactions

Shopbox is fast. Get rid of the queue and give your customers the experience they deserve.

Easy to use

It only takes 5 minutes to learn how to use Shopbox, and you can get your shop ready in minutes.

Use your data!

How much can you expect to earn tomorrow? Use your data to predict sales and cut down on wasted staff hours.


We believe that managing a business should be easy.

Shopbox is a cloud-based cash register that combines all essential management functions in one place.

We call it One Business, One App.

"Shopbox is intuitive to use. The app works fast, and it’s easy to make changes and add products when we get new cakes and bread in our bakery."

COO at Lauras Bakery

"I was quite skeptical towards Shopbox to begin with, but their app has actually been a quite good investment for our business. I like the economy part the best because it makes it clear to me what I sell more of."

Owner of RazSpa

"It makes a difference to me that I get an insight into my sales numbers with Shopbox. Every day I can see which types of ice cream are selling better, and which I should consider exchanging for something else."

Owner of Is à Bella