Payment solution

A good and secure payment solution is essential when your company needs to receive payments. There are many different solutions on the market, both mobile, via card or online. It is important that you find the solution that suits you and your business needs, so that you increase your chances of making a secure sale. Read much more below.

Advantages of a modern payment solution

At Shopbox, we have many years of experience with payment solutions and we have developed a smart point of sale system that can integrate with all payment solutions. With us, you are no longer tied to one specific provider.

You can therefore receive both:

✅ MobilePay and ApplePay

✅ Dankort and Mastercard

✅ Online payments via Nets or Bambora.

Shopbox POS

These options mean that you can keep track of the business, whether you are physically in the store or on the go. This also means that you can use our product regardless of whether you have a webshop, need to use it in retail or even go to market with your products. That way, you can handle your business as you wish. It also makes it easy to expand your business, as you can use the same payment solution when you expand to other stores or start selling online. You therefore never have to worry about expanding and scaling your business, as we manage this entire process for you. Instead, you can focus on your business and do what you do best. These are just some of the great advantages of a modern payment solution.

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Betalingstype til webshop

A webshop is for many companies one of the biggest sources of income. It is therefore important that you get a payment system that can support your webshop. Our recommendation is that you get a flexible solution where the payment system can integrate both with your webshop and with your physical store, so that everything is gathered in one place. Of the payment solutions you can use online, Bambora and Nets are two popular choices. In Shopbox we offer, among other things, these payment methods that can support your physical store and your webshop at the same time. Contact us if you want to talk about how you can get a payment solution that can communicate with your point of sale system, your store and your webshop.


Payment system with a sea of ​​integrations

Your choice of payment system can be integrated with your point of sale system. In addition, all your transactions through your payment provider can be connected to your accounting system. In this way, you can automate your accounting when you make a sale via your webshop. It can save you indispensable time, which you can instead spend on developing your business. By using Shopbox, there are not a lot of areas that you have to keep track of yourself. Our system does pretty much everything for you.


A secure solution is important

The security should be top notch so that you are protected against various hacker attacks. At Shopbox, we have taken this into account, as all data is not, or should not be, available to others. Therefore, your data is encrypted to be as secure as possible. The same applies to data on your customers, who can therefore safely pay. This and much more means that we have one of the very best POS solutions on the market – and we only integrate with security-approved payment solutions. If you have specific requests for your webshop and for using our system, we also have Danish support, which you can contact any day of the week for help. We are ready to help your webshop succeed. With our solution, you can feel completely safe because we have control over all elements within payment solutions. You can therefore simply focus on your business.

Betalingsløsning til butik

If you have a physical store, it is important that it goes quickly when your customers have to pay. This is where our product comes into play. From day one, we have focused on speed and security, so that you get a product that meets your expectations. Our point of sale system can therefore receive all kinds of payments, so you are guaranteed a dividend.

This means that your customers can pay immediately in the store and quickly get on with their business. You can use our product regardless of what you sell. This is because you can create your menu and all your items directly in the system. In this way, it is subordinate to the payment solution whether you own a coffee bar or whether you sell clothes. As the point of sale system is digital, you can even receive payment in different places in the store if you wish. You may know this method from Apple’s stores, where they don’t have any physical boxes. If you want it, you therefore have the option. In this way, everything is tailored to your business, so you can choose which user journey you want to provide to your customers.

Betalingssystem til hjemmeside

If you have a business, you may also have a website. It is not certain that you are definitely looking for a webshop, but therefore there may be many good reasons why you would like to make it possible for your customers to pay online.

It could be that you sell coffee or food and would like to let your customers order before they come down to the store. That way, you can create a simple menu on your website and let one of our security-approved solutions accept the payment. Then the customers will be able to pay from home and then the coffee or their food will be ready when they come down and collect the goods from your store. It may also be that you want to let them pay for a reservation in good time, which they will also have the option of through our payment integration.


You can also create subscriptions for your customers

You can also create a subscription for your customers with your payment solution. That way, you can receive payment from your customers month after month. This can both be a link in relation to your webshop, but it can also be a solution if you automatically send products to your customers from your physical store every month. Subscription schemes are a good way to generate more revenue, as you get regular customers who want to pay for your products again and again.

We’ve made it simple for your business, so you can create a product and set it to be a subscription product. In this way, the system automatically knows that it must withdraw money as often as you have chosen. In fact, it doesn’t even take extra time. It goes just as fast as if you created all other kinds of products. If you therefore want a point of sale system that can integrate with all payment solutions and that can manage subscription schemes, we are ready to have a non-binding dialogue with you about your options.


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