Countless features to help you grow your business

Shopbox is a point-of-sale (POS) system with key features that tie
your entire business together, such as automated bookkeeping,
web integration, and tracking.

Choose the right license
for your business

We offer four unique licenses at various price points.
Choose a license based on the features that best support your business.

  • Lite
  • POS solution for small businesses with one register. Lite lets you enter all your products and prices into the system so that you easily can get an overview of your business and track your sales. While it’s not possible to integrate Lite with other business systems, we do provide full phone and email support seven days a week. 

  • Pro
  • POS solution that can be integrated with your scheduling software and your accounting and inventory management systems. Pro provides your business with a dedicated specialist to onboard you, in addition to support access seven days a week.

  • Enterprise
  • POS solution that combines Pro package features with data on your most valuable customers and several optional modules. Enterprise provides you with a dedicated Account Manager and full access to new product features and APIs, delivering a unified, custom solution for all your business locations.

  • Season
  • POS solution for seasonal businesses with features from either the LIte or the Pro package. During your active season, you get the full enjoyment of Shopbox. However, during your inactive months, you can still enjoy a discounted subscription with continual access to your data.

    Compatible with
    all payment solutions

    Shopbox can accept credit/debit card and mobile payments in your brick-and-mortar store as well as online payments from your web store. This ensures that you never lose a sale.

    Sales are automatically forwarded to your accounting system

    Shopbox can of course be integrated with any of the
    leading accounting software programs – and the list is growing by the day.

    • e-conomic
    • E-conomic is targeted at small and mid-sized business owners, auditors, and accountants. In addition to allowing you to easily post transactions, reconcile accounts, and invoice customers, the program also provides daily and periodic sales statistics for your business.

    • Dinero
    • Dinero has been developed for entrepreneurs and sole proprietors. The program allows you to, e.g., post transactions, reconcile accounts, and pull up reports on your business’s key performance indicators. Dinero is available in both a free version and a phone app.

    • Billy
    • Billy is an accounting system for small business owner-operators and offers free support seven days a week. The program allows you to post transactions, invoice customers, and reconcile accounts. You can also add integrations such as MobilePay and Lunar. Billy is available in both a desktop and a mobile version.

    • Business Central
    • Business Central, a Microsoft product, is an all-in-one solution for business owners. The program combines an accounting system that lets you post transactions, invoice customers, and reconcile accounts with inventory management, CRM, and employee tracking.

      Gain insight from real-time data on your business

      Data on, e.g., your financial condition and inventory is automatically updated in real time, giving you full control over your business’ financial metrics.

      E-commerce made easy and accessible to your customers

      Shopbox includes various options that make e-commerce simple as pie for your customers. For example, to help your customers access your products more easily, we can either integrate Shopbox with your existing web store or set up a stand-alone ordering app.

      • Online Store
      • It is easy to get your online store integrated into Shopbox. This means that the sales you make through your online store are automatically stored in your checkout system, so your numbers are always up to date.
      • Digital menu card
      • Get a dedicated ordering solution so your customers can order food and drinks directly from their phone without you having to pay up to 30% for a sale to a third-party supplier.

        Get the B2C Customer Loyalty Module

        Shopbox gives you countless opportunities to improve customer satisfaction. We make it easy for your customers to access your products and enable you to set up gift cards and customer discount levels.

        Get the B2B Customer Module

        Shopbox makes it easy to manage your B2B customers. We allow you to easily associate invoices with your accounting system. You can also track customer data and group your products into distinct categories.

        Gain full control over your inventory

        Shopbox can provide you with a module or an integration that gives you a full overview of your inventory. You can choose either a simple solution for managing a limited amount of inventory or a more robust solution for complex inventory management and purchasing.

        Design your own digital menucard

        Shopbox provides you with a customized digital menucard, where your customers can order food and beverages through a QR code. Your customers can even pay up front. Meanwhile, the order goes straight into your POS and into your kitchen.

        Hardware solutions for every taste

        Shopbox offers hardware that’s compatible with either Apple or Windows, so you can choose the OS you prefer. We also offer a wide selection of both wireless and plug and play (PnP) terminals, scanners, and receipt printers.

        Shopbox ties your entire business together

        Shopbox ties the different parts of your business together, giving you a 100% overview and saving you valuable time. The customized all-in-one solution gives you insight into all your business units and functions.

        Online Store
        Data insights

        Sky-high customer satisfaction

        With a customer satisfaction score of 95/100, we offer the best satisfaction guarantee in the industry. Shopbox offers the ultimate in customer care and is always ready and willing to help – even on a Sunday if you need our assistance.

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