Shopbox Funktioner

Growth through a wide range of functions

Shopbox is a point of sale system (POS) with key functions such as automated accounting, web integration and tracking that ties your entire business together.

Choose the right license for your business

You can choose between four licenses and four different prices. Choose your license based on the functions that can best support your business.

  • Basic
  • POS and payment solution for the smaller business with one checkout. With Basic you can add all your products and prices, so you can easily keep an overview and track your sales. Full support included every day of the week.

  • Plus
  • Tie your entire business together and increase your revenue. With Plus, you get access to key functions and integrations that increase your efficiency and support the optimal service of your customers.

  • Advanced
  • Use the full potential with all functions. With Advanced, you can utilize the full potential that helps to increase your sales. Get low rates on payments both in the physical store and online at the same time.

  • Enterprise
  • Adapted solution for larger businesses and chains. With Enterprise, you get access to the full software package with integrated payments at low rates. Get a dedicated account manager and full access to development and APIs, so you can get a tailored solution that ties your businesses together.


    Accepts all payment solutions

    Shopbox can receive payments in your physical store with card and mobile payment, as well as online payment through your webshop. Then you are guaranteed a dividend.

    Sales automatically sent to your accounting system

    Shopbox can of course integrate with the leading accounting systems - and the list is growing.

    • e-conomic
    • e-conomic is aimed at both small and medium-sized companies, accountants and bookkeepers. In e-conomic, you can easily book, reconcile accounts and invoice, and you can also see revenue statistics for your business from day to day.

    • Dinero
    • Dinero is developed for entrepreneurs and the self-employed. In dinero you can, for example, post, invoice, reconcile accounts and draw reports on your company’s figures. Dinero is available in a free version and can also be found as an app for your phone.

    • Billy
    • Billy is an accounting system for the small owner-manager, and has free support throughout the week. In Billy you can post, invoice and reconcile accounts. You can also get integrations added for MobilePay and Lunar, among other things. Billy is available both for desktop and in a mobile version.

    • Business Central
    • Business central is produced by Microsoft and is a comprehensive solution for business owners. The solution consists of an accounting system where you can post, invoice and reconcile accounts combined with inventory management, a sales tool and employee tracking.

      Get real-time data insight into your business

      Data about, for example, your financial overview and inventory is automatically updated in real time. All so that you can have full control over your numbers.


      E-commerce made easy and accessible for your customers

      Shopbox has various options to make e-commerce easy for your customers. For example, Shopbox can integrate with your webshop, but we can also create an ordering app so that your customers can access your products more easily.

      • Webshop
      • It is easy to get your webshop integrated into Shopbox. This means that the sales you make through your webshop are automatically stored in your checkout system, so that your figures are always up to date.

      • Order app
      • Get a dedicated solution for ordering so your customers can order food and drink directly from their phone without having to pay up to 30% for a sale to a third party supplier.


        Get the B2C loyalty module for your customers

        With Shopbox you get countless opportunities to increase your customer satisfaction. We make it easy for your customers to access your product and give you the opportunity to create gift cards and a discount structure.

        Get the B2B customer module for your customers

        With Shopbox it is easy to handle your B2B customers. With us you can connect your invoices to your accounting system. You can also track customer data and group your products into special categories.

        Lager Og Bogføring

        Get full control over your inventory

        With Shopbox, you can get a module or an integration that gives you a full overview of your stock. You can either choose a simple solution if you have a small warehouse or a solution that can accommodate complex warehouse management and purchasing.

        Select the digital menu card

        With Shopbox you can get your own digital menu card in your own colors and with your own logo. From here, your guests can order food and drink by scanning a QR code at their table.

        Digitalt Menukort

        Hardware solutions for every taste

        In Shopbox, we have both hardware from Apple and Windows, so you can choose the solution you prefer. We also have a wide selection of terminals, scanners and receipt printers, either in wireless or plug'n'play versions.

        Shopbox ties your entire business together

        Shopbox ties all units of your business together, so you can get a 100% overview while saving time. You can access all your devices via a unified solution that we tailor for you.


        High customer satisfaction

        With a satisfaction score of 95/100, we have the industry's highest satisfaction guarantee. With Shopbox you get the ultimate customer care and we are always ready to help. Even on a Sunday if you need us.

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