Shop Vestjyden

On Vesterbrogade is Shop Vestjyden, which offers delicious delicacies from West Jutland. The store opened in June 2021 and is family-run by mother and daughter, who have genuine West Jutland roots. Together, the two had an ambition to bring the charm of West Jutland to Vesterbro and together create "Vesterbro's own West Jutland". We have visited the store and talked to the people of West Jutland about their collaboration with Shopbox.

From West Jutland to Copenhagen

The idea to bring the charm of West Jutland to Vesterbro arose from the fact that mother (Linda) had a similar delicatessen in Struer, which both mother and daughter (Stephanie) saw great potential in moving to Copenhagen. However, they have chosen to keep the store in West Jutland, which is today run by the little sister, while Linda and Stephanie run the store on Vesterbrogade. In the store, Copenhageners can explore a hand-picked selection of quality products from West Jutland farm shops, such as home-brewed gin, honey, must, handmade luxury cream balls and confit duck.


On expired after a point of sale solution

In connection with the opening of Shop Vestjyden, mother and daughter naturally needed a checkout solution, and here it was pure coincidence that Stephanie and Linda came across Shopbox, as it was their coffee man who recommended exactly Shopbox’s point of sale system. But as the true West Jutland people Stephanie and her mother are, it was important for the two of them to make a good deal and choose the best solution. They therefore investigated their options and obtained offers from other POS companies, but in the end the choice fell on Shopbox, as they needed an easy and clear solution that was also adaptable.


“I was insanely surprised when I found out that you have a solution for a webshop as well.”

– Stephanie Lassen, owner, Shop Vestjyden


With a large selection of products, it is important for Stephanie and Linda to have a point of sale solution where they can easily and quickly go in and change the categories themselves and adapt them with subcategories for each individual product. It saves them a great deal of time and trouble that they have been given that option with the Shopbox point of sale system. This is just one of the benefits that Stephanie mentions when we ask her about her satisfaction with Shopbox. Something else that Stephanie has become really happy with is the solution for issuing gift cards, which can be done directly from the point of sale system, where it is either printed in physical form or sent digitally to the customer’s email. Here, Stephanie had otherwise thought that she would have to be creative and be responsible for printing out gift cards herself, but now that it is integrated into the point of sale system, it saves her a lot of time, Stephanie points out. She also hadn’t seen it coming that she could get a solution for a webshop that talks to the point of sale system “I was insanely surprised when I found out that you have a solution for a webshop as well,” says Stephanie and adds that it has saved her a lot of trouble that all the categories from the point of sale system are transferred directly to the webshop.


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A good business partner is responsive and solution-oriented

When we ask Stephanie what she values ​​in a business partner, she says that it is important that “the dialogue is there, the chemistry is there and the product is in order” and mentions that it is essential as an independent person that a solution is quickly found , when problems arise. Here, Stephanie talks about a specific situation where she needed Shopbox’s support when she experienced challenges with uploading pictures in the point of sale system »I didn’t think I could upload my pictures, but I just had to press update on the point of sale and then they were uploaded pretty quickly. It was quite nice that there was someone who picked up the phone and said ‘you just have to update here’.’


“One of the things that I have also come across is that I would recommend Shopbox to both small and medium-sized companies.”


It was a real pleasure – and not least tempting – to visit Shop Vestjyden and we sense from Stephanie that she is quite satisfied with her point of sale solution from Shopbox, so we ask in conclusion if she would recommend Shopbox to others, to which she replies “I would definitely recommend Shopbox to others and one of the things that I have also come across is that I would recommend Shopbox to both small and medium-sized companies, but actually also large companies or at least those that have ambitions to become that,’ and adds, ‘If you would like to have more locations, it’s quite easy that the point of sale system can be linked together’. And that is precisely one of the advantages shop owners can achieve with a digital point of sale system. Because it is cloud-based and thus stores all data, it is incredibly easy and quick to use the point of sale system from new locations and thus scale your business. Will we see more Vestjyden stores in the future? In any case, we are excited to follow the West Jutland family business, which has already experienced great success in just a few months.


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