Payment terminal

In order for you to accept payment in your business, it is necessary to have a payment solution and a payment terminal. There are different types of payment terminals. Shopbox's payment terminals are available in both wireless and wired versions, are compatible with both Apple and Windows and accept all payment solutions. By using Shopbox, your customers can therefore pay in the way that suits them. This is a great advantage, so you are guaranteed a dividend.

How many solutions are found?

Fortunately, as the need for flexible solutions increases, technical development follows suit. Business owners today want systems that are easy to operate and that have a fast speed. A restaurant owner wants, for example, a payment terminal that can be taken around to the guests. At the same time, the owner needs the system to accept all payment solutions and for the payment to go through quickly and without errors.

Shopbox’s terminals receive:

✅ MobilePay and ApplePay

✅ Dankort and Mastercard

✅ Online payments via Nets or Bambora.

Shopbox POS

The need for what a payment terminal must be able to do can, on the other hand, change from industry to industry. For example, some want a wired terminal if they have a clothing store, while others want to be able to receive payments on the go. A tradesman who, for example, reaches out to different customers at different locations must, for example, be able to receive payments wherever the customers are. Read more about how many different terminals there are below.

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Mobil betalingsterminal

For increased user-friendliness, you now have the option of using a mobile phone for your POS-system and getting a mobile payment terminal that talks to your mobile phone. You can even create products from your mobile if you’re on the go and need to add the final touches to your system. This makes it incredibly easy and flexible for your business. A café you can via a mobile phone and a payment terminal e.g. receive payment immediately when you give customers their bill at the table. In this way, you can increase customer satisfaction, as customers do not have to get up to go up and pay at a till. It is also an advantage for the café and restaurant owner, as a quick settlement can quickly make room for new customers.

You can participate in markets

A mobile solution also means that you can use the same payment terminal and payment solution away from your business. This means that you can go to market with your products and have a stand or stall, so that you can expand your customer portfolio and attract a completely new target group. A mobile payment terminal can thus help to increase revenue. It will be much easier for you and your business to make money when you can accept payment wherever you want. It is a flexible solution, and it is a contributing reason why our payment solution is used in so many places by many different customers.

Automatic update of your sales

When shopping via the mobile payment terminal, the payment is automatically synchronized with all devices through our Shopbox mobile app. That way, you will never sell a product that has already been sold. The system automatically keeps track of the store, so it becomes easy for you to give customers a good customer experience. The flexibility therefore becomes a win-win for everyone. However, one certainly does not exclude the other. You can easily use Shopbox payment terminals both mobile and at the cash register. It makes no difference to the system where the customer pays, so if you need to be able to receive payments in several places, Shopbox can easily find the right solution for that.

Bedste betalingsterminal på markedet

When it comes to the price of a payment terminal, today you can get started for little money. In the past, you had to buy a lot of expensive equipment and sign contracts where you tied yourself up for several years. Fortunately, times have changed. Our payment terminals have a good price and are easy to use, which is why we don’t need a long commitment period. We know you will be happy with our prices and payment terminals. You can also get started quickly and easily, as you can use our POS solution with an iPad or mobile, and then you just need to buy a payment terminal as additional hardware.

Older terminals vs. new terminals

The old payment terminals on the market are slower and not as secure as the new ones. We therefore recommend that you switch to a modern payment terminal, so that you both get a faster product, but also a payment terminal that is completely up-to-date in terms of security.

What is the price for a terminal?

You pay a monthly price to have a payment terminal, and for that you pay a fee per transaction. This amount will be different depending on which cards the customers pay with. See more prices on our website and avoid hidden fees.


Trådløs betalingsterminal

We have already touched on how our mobile payment solution makes it easy for you and your business. A mobile solution makes your business much more flexible while increasing your chances of making a sale. But how does a wireless payment terminal make a big difference to your business?

There are various advantages:

  • Your customers can pay wherever it suits them
  • You can integrate your wireless payment terminal into your iPad
  • You can participate with stalls at various markets.

The wireless payment terminal sounds a lot like a mobile payment terminal. They can also do much of the same. The only difference is that you can connect a wireless terminal to an iPad or a Windows computer, where you operate your point of sale system, where with a mobile solution, you connect a terminal to a mobile phone, where you operate your cash register. It is therefore up to you whether you want a point of sale solution where the payment terminal is hard-wired, or integrates wirelessly with your computer or mobile phone. With our flexible payment terminals, it is easy for your store to accept payment. Contact us today and hear more about which terminals we have for your ideal point of sale system.


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