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Microsoft och Shopbox i samarbete LÄS MER

"We really like Shopbox. It's nice that we can use a completely normal iPad for our store because it looks simple and clean on the counter. It's also really easy to add products and categories".  

Owner, Build A Bagel

"Our guests now spend less time waiting in line and more time where it matters - at the concert or football game, where the real value is created. More guests buy beverages because lines are shorter, so it’s a win-win.".

Jens Petter Stenseth
CEO, Friends Arena, National Stadium of Sweden

"One of the things I really like about Shopbox, is that it's really intuitive to use. The App works quickly, and it's easy to make changes and customize when I get new products in the store".

COO, Lauras Bakery

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Vi tror på att det ska vara enkelt att hantera ett företag.

Shopbox är ett molnbaserat kassaregister som kombinerar alla viktiga ledningsfunktioner i en enda app.

Vi kallar det en Ett företag, En app.