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We help payment companies and banks get closer to their business customers

With Shopbox your bank or payment company can start offering top class POS software to your SME customers. Shopbox is connected with the customers bank account and all payments and everything else the small business owner needs is done using only one app. Shopbox. We can also white label Shopbox if the potential is big enough.

Make more money

There is no need for you as a bank or payment provider to give revenue to other companies when you can make the money yourself. And with a very relevant POS product. In relation to giving out a business loan or opening a business account banks bundle it with Shopbox and keep a much closer contact to its customer. Also for risk and governance’s sake.

Get more loyal customers

If you just run the bank account or loan part of your customers business then you will only know limited things about how that business is actually doing. If you make them use Shopbox you will know everything there is to know about your customers business. And can help them much better and be warned in good time before they run out of cash.

The time is now

All merchants in Europe will be under legislation to have digital POS systems very soon. This has already taken place in the nordics and is coming to all EU countries momentarily. So merchants need to change their POS systems soon so the timing of a partnership with Shopbox could be highly appreciated by your small to SME customers.

Your customers will love it

Shopbox is nominated by Mastercard as the best cloud based POS in the nordics. Why? Because it’s an intuitive system and has all the functionalities you need to run your entire shop or restaurant using only one app. Shopbox is feature rich but very fairly priced. Your customers will love it and save hours or work every month only using one app for everything. It’s like having the CFO you can’t afford.

We can do everything

Your staff don’t need to know alot about POS to sell Shopbox. All they need to know is that it’s a super stable and feature rich cloud based POS solution that Mastercard has rated number 1 in the Nordics. The rest we can do with a link including online demo, support and onboarding in your local language. And we share the revenue back with you. Or we can do it another way that suits your needs. We are here for you.

Selection of key partners

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