Flexible checkout system for Service & Crafts

Shopbox offers a checkout solution for tradespeople and the service industry, which can handle both invoicing and mobile payments at the customers’ premises. At the same time, with Shopbox, you get a solution that is easily integrated with your accounting program, so you benefit from automatic bookkeeping.

Our digital checkout system for craftsmen and the service industry gives you an all-in-one solution that works with your business systems and payment solutions, so you get an easy overview of your business. In addition, you can receive upfront payments and make invoice sales directly from the till at the customer’s place with a mobile device.

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Receive up-front payments from your customers

With Shopbox, you get a checkout solution that makes it easier for you as a craftsman or trader in the service industry to collect payments. Our checkout system for craftsmen and the service industry makes it possible for you to receive upfront payments and make invoice sales directly with your customers. In this way, you avoid sending invoices and any reminders, but can receive payment on the spot.

Our solution makes it easy for you to access the checkout system via a hand-held payment terminal that you can take with you on the go. And if there are some of your customers who need an individual discount, it is easy to create and access directly from the checkout system.


Shopbox makes it easy to receive payments. We have a card terminal for the store and then we have a mobile terminal. This makes it easy and flexible.


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Make it easy to receive payments with Shopbox

image Receive up-front payments from your customers via mobile device
image Make invoice sales directly from the checkout to B2B customers
image The checkout system can accept all payment solutions
image Get an overview of your customers, your orders and invoices

Shopbox offers an intuitive and flexible checkout solution where you can combine the various modules so that you get the solution that makes sense for your business. In addition to the fact that with Shopbox you can manage your entire business from the checkout system, with our customer modules you get an easy overview of your customers, your orders and invoices, and with better insight into your customers you gain knowledge that you can use to optimize your business.

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Get automatic posting directly from the payment

With Shopbox’s checkout solution, you get automatic bookkeeping, so you don’t have to deal with manual documents and time-consuming checkout reports. Our checkout system for craftsmen and the service industry can be easily integrated with your current accounting software, so that all transactions are automatically booked and you avoid duplicate work.

The solution ensures that you save time and money, while also complying with the Digital Bookkeeping Act.

Integrate your accounting program directly into the cash register system

image All transactions are automatically posted
image Save time and money on handling manual documents and cash reports
image Comply with the digital bookkeeping act with a checkout system for service and craftsmanship
image Shopbox can integrate with e-conomic, Dinero, Billy, Microsoft Business Central and others.

Achieve great savings on fees and the payment agreement

As a trader, it is a hindrance to business if you have to contend with high payment fees and expensive payment agreements. That is why we have created a checkout system for craftsmen and the service industry, which ensures great savings on payment fees and the payment agreement.

By bringing together all payment solutions in one checkout system, the payment fees are reduced, and we also offer an advantageous payment agreement, so that you get a checkout solution that is both intuitive to use, makes your business more efficient and costs less to operate.

Use the money in the right place with cheaper and better solutions

image Receive all payment solutions at checkout
image Get an all-in-one solution with a checkout system from Shopbox
image Save money on fees and get a cheap payment agreement

Regardless of whether you work as a plumber, locksmith, electrician or another part of the trades, it is important that your servicing of customers is accompanied by the quality of work that you deliver.

A flexible and secure checkout system ensures the best experience for customers, as you have more time to provide good service to your customers. Shopbox has many years of experience in providing customized checkout solutions for various industries, and we use this experience to advise our customers so that they get a checkout solution that makes the business more efficient.


Warehouse management that provides an overview of product flow

Several craftsmen and entrepreneurs within the service industry operate with a warehouse. That is why we have also developed stock management for our checkout solution, so that you get 100% insight into and control over your stock. The warehouse management is in the same software as the rest of our checkout system, so you get a natural overview and flow between purchased and sold goods.

The system automatically updates the stock and sends a notification when it is time to order new items for home. With this function, you avoid out-of-stock items on the shelves, so you can always focus on what matters – your customers.

Advantages of stock management in the checkout

image Get a full overview of your stock
image Achieve a natural flow between bought and sold items
image Receive a notification when it’s time to order new items home
image Get an insight into which items are selling well/badly

The inventory module gives you insight into which items you sell the most and which items don’t sell as well. By having your inventory management automated, you reduce the workload so that you can focus your time where it provides the most value for you and your company.

We listen to our customers

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Increase your turnover with a better overview

With a checkout solution for service and craftsmanship, you gain insight into important details about your sales and turnover. You also get in-depth insight into your customers, so you can more easily plan and adapt your future earnings.

Shopbox connects all units of your business, which means that your systems and processes are coordinated and streamlined. This makes it easier and simpler to operate your digital systems, while at the same time your earnings are supported by a solid data foundation.

Read more about our other functions here.

Overview and insight ensure sales

image Get insightful reports regarding your sales
image Get an insight into the best-selling products and services
image Understand the business’ profit margin and earnings
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Shopbox ensures a good and cheap solution

At Shopbox, we deliver complete solutions with a vision of making it easy for shop owners to do business. Our checkout system unites the business on one platform and boosts sales with our special key features. We have many years of experience and work daily to develop solutions that can save time and money for business operators.

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