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POS checkout system for Care & Beauty

Get a better checkout solution for your beauty salon or hairdressing salon with Shopbox. Our checkout solution brings the entire company together on one platform, so you get an intuitive checkout system that makes everyday life easier for you and your employees. If you have several independent companies at the same address, you can also easily and quickly switch between the companies in the cash register, so that everyone benefits from the cash register system.

With Shopbox’s digital cash register system, you can receive all payment solutions, gain insight into sales and handle inventory management from one place. The cash register system for beauty salons and hairdressers provides an overview of the entire company so that you can optimize your processes, and the cash register system can be easily integrated with your accounting software so that all payments are automatically posted from the cash register.

Keep track of the products with the inventory module

With Shopbox you get better interaction between sales and stock management. There is great sales potential for products in beauty salons and at hairdressers, where you have the customer inside and can guide you to the right products. Therefore, it is also essential that you always have the right products in stock when customers demand them.

That’s why our checkout system for beauty salons and hairdressers has a module for stock management, so that your sales automatically adjust the stock and give you a notification when it’s time to order new items. All you have to do is enter a minimum quantity that you want to have in stock before the system notifies you.

Advantages of stock management in the checkout

image Get an overview of your inventory
image Get an insight into the items that are selling well or poorly
image Get notified when new items are to be ordered home
image Get an optimal flow between bought and sold goods

With a storage module directly in the checkout, you get data and insight into which goods and products are sold the most and which are sold the least. The warehouse management function also reduces the workload for your employees, so you achieve increased productivity in the salon and in the store. The warehouse module can be used by the vast majority of companies. Regardless of whether you run a hair salon, nail salon or other beauty salon and/or shop, you can benefit greatly from this function in the checkout.

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Save money on fees and the payment agreement

Get more out of earnings in the salon or shop with a checkout solution that helps you save money on fees and the payment agreement. By gathering the entire company on one platform and being able to receive all forms of payment, you can achieve great savings on payment fees and get a cheap payment agreement.

Optimize the business with cheaper and better solutions

image Get an all-in-one solution through our POS checkout system
image Receive all payment solutions at checkout – including MobilePay
image Integrate the checkout system with your accounting program or your webshop
image Save money on payment fees and the payment agreement

In the hairdressing salon, beauty salon or in shops with beauty and care products, it is important to ensure a good and pleasant experience for the customers, right from the booking itself to payment after treatment and purchase of products. A flexible and efficient checkout system ensures the customer the best experience, as you and your colleagues have more time to provide a good service and be present to the customers.

With Shopbox’s POS checkout system for beauty & care, you get a helping hand in your busy everyday life. We have many years of experience and always advise our customers with a view to choosing the right box solution with the necessary functions, so that we ensure a solution that lifts your business to new heights.

Pamper your customers with special offers and benefits

With a checkout solution from Shopbox, you get the opportunity to customize the checkout’s functions so that you can spoil your customers with bonuses and loyalty benefits. In the checkout system, you can easily create and offer customers gift cards, discounts and special benefits, so that they want to come again and support your business with additional purchases of products.


Increase customer satisfaction and the frequency of visits with a checkout system from Shopbox.


Through our loyalty module, you also get access to detailed and valuable data about your customers, where you gain insight into the customer’s purchase journey. This helps you see when customers are most ready to buy more, so you know when you can try to upsell them.

Create discounts, gift cards and bonus earnings

image Create discounts on special product categories
image Offer gift cards to regular customers and new customers
image Create bonus accruals for regular customers and give them special benefits

Shopbox offers a secure and flexible POS checkout system, tailored to the individual company. In order for you to gain deeper insight into your company, we have developed the administration system My.Shopbox, where you have access to all data. With a box solution for beauty and care, you can focus on what matters – namely your customers.

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We listen to our customers

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Sell care & beauty products both in store and online

Earnings in beauty salons and at hairdressers can often grow significantly if you can sell products to the customer after a treatment. That is why we have created a checkout solution that makes it easy to handle barcodes in the store, while at the same time you can easily integrate sales from a webshop if you have one or are considering creating one.

Connect the webshop and the physical store in the checkout

image Manage barcodes for selling products in the store
image Easy integration with webshop
image Sales through the webshop are automatically stored in the checkout system
image Increased overview and control over the inventory

With a checkout solution from Shopbox, all transactions are collected in one place – namely in the checkout. The sales that go through your webshop will automatically be registered in the checkout system, so that the store’s figures are always up-to-date. The stock management function can also be easily integrated directly with your webshop, so there is full control over the stock in the physical store as well as on the webshop.

Get automatic bookkeeping with our POS checkout system

With a checkout system from Shopbox, you get rid of manual documents and handling checkout reports. Our cash register solution can be easily integrated with your accounting software, so that all transactions are continuously posted directly from the cash register. In this way, you not only save time and money, but you also comply with the Digital Bookkeeping Act by taking the next step in the digitization of your business with Shopbox.

Integrate your accounting program into the checkout

image Transactions are automatically posted from the till
image Let the cash register process cash reports and external attachments
image Shopbox can be integrated with e-conomic, Dinero, Billy, Microsoft Business Central and others.
image Comply with the legislation on digital bookkeeping
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Shopbox - A cheaper and better solution

Shopbox provides complete solutions and our goal is to make it easy for shop owners to do business. We have high ambitions to unite the company on one platform and to provide a unique insight into the company’s operations. At Shopbox, we have many years of experience and know how important it is to develop solutions that can save time and money.

By getting a unified checkout system that combines the necessary functions for your beauty salon, hairdresser or other business, you create an easier everyday life for you and your employees, while at the same time you get a greater overview of the business and the right data base to boost sales .

Our checkout solution is also cheaper and better than you think. Try it yourself:

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