Intuitive POS checkout system for wine shop

Do you want a smarter checkout system for your wine shop? With Shopbox you collect the entire business on one platform, and save time and money in administration and payment fees. Our solutions elevate your wine shop with a more intuitive setup, which creates profits for more sales in everyday life.

Our box solution can be adapted to your business, so that you get exactly the setup that is needed in your wine shop. The checkout solution provides detailed insights into your business and leads your orders directly into the bookkeeping, regardless of whether the sale takes place in a physical store or on a webshop. In addition, our POS system can be easily integrated with your warehouse, so you always have a 100% overview of the stock and can manage the entire business from the till.

Do you want a more efficient checkout solution with key functions that support your wine shop?

Get control of your inventory

Effective stock management with an overview of the product flow is the alpha and omega of a wine shop. We offer a user-friendly stock management system, which is integrated in the checkout, through which you can easily and quickly get an overview of the store’s stock. The system continuously updates the stock and sends a notification when you need to order new items home. In this way, you avoid sold-out items on the shelves in the store and on the webshop.

Shopbox’s checkout solution also provides increased insight into buying patterns, so you get better data-driven knowledge of which items are popular at which times. By integrating inventory management into your checkout system, you also reduce the workload and increase productivity among employees.

Integrate efficient stock management functionality with Shopbox:

image Achieve 100% overview and control of your inventory
image Get a notification when it’s time to order new items home again
image Create optimal flow between bought and sold goods
image Get detailed and valuable insight into the business’s sales
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Should we make e-commerce easy for you and your customers?

With our checkout solution, e-commerce of wine has never been easier. The checkout system is easily integrated with your webshop, so you get all transactions together on one platform. By having the same checkout system for your physical store and the webshop, you get a setup where all sales go to the same place. The sales that take place through your wine shop’s webshop are automatically stored in the checkout system, so that the shop’s figures are always up to date.

The stock management function is also integrated directly with your webshop, so you always have control over the stock. Our checkout system also notifies you when it’s time to order new items for your wine shop.

Space for both the physical store and webshop in our checkout system

image You can easily integrate your webshop with our checkout system
image Gain increased control and an overview of your inventory
image Your sales through the webshop are automatically stored in the checkout system
image The business’s numbers will always be up to date

Our digital checkout system for wine shops gives you many options and helps you and your employees to have more profit every day – as a bonus, the system makes it cheaper for you to do business.

With Shopbox, you get a partner who thinks in complete solutions and puts the customer in focus. Wine shops can sometimes receive many orders in the store and on the webshop, which is why it is crucial to have a checkout system that works and that you can trust.

We know what it takes and we advise you with a view to choosing the right payment agreement that you will benefit from. At Shopbox, we deliver a complete solution that is tailored to your exact needs.

Manage your discounts and gift cards with the right checkout system

For wine shops, as for other businesses, it is important to get more customers in the store or on the webshop, and at the same time it is important to sell more to these customers. Therefore, with our POS checkout system, we have made it easy to create and sell items at special package prices, and you can easily and quickly add new discounts on an ongoing basis.


Achieve greater revenue with a digital checkout system for wine shops from Shopbox.


Shopbox’s checkout solution is an intuitive iPad-based system with a multitude of add-on options that can be put together according to your needs. If there is a need for a deeper insight into the business and overall sales, you have access to all data through our administration system, My.Shopbox. Through My.Shopbox as well as through the checkout, you get easy administration, which ensures more profits in everyday life. By having a digital checkout system that works, you can focus on what matters – namely providing good service to your customers.

Give discounts, stamp cards and gift cards:

image Create package prices or discounts for specific products in your wine shop checkout system
image Pamper your regular customers with gift cards so they get benefits and come back again
image Create special offers and campaigns directly at checkout
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We listen to our customers

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Get to know your customers through Shopbox

It is important to know your customers when running a business. With in-depth knowledge of customer expectations and behaviour, you can target your store correctly in relation to the market. To make your business even sharper, smarter and more based on data rather than gut feelings, with Shopbox’s checkout system you get a loyalty module that gives you access to detailed data regarding your customers, their purchase journey and previous purchases.

The module allows you to attract more regular customers through bonus earning, discount structures and gift cards. With the loyalty module, you save on your resources and gain a better overview of your customers, while at the same time increasing your sales.

Get an overview of your customers with our customer module

Shopbox offers a customer module which creates an overview of your customers, your orders and invoices. In the module you can track the customers’ purchases and you can integrate the module directly into your order system and accounting system. You can easily and quickly form an overview of which customers are B2B or B2C.

image Get an overview of your customers, your orders and invoices
image Gain insight into your customers’ buying behaviour
image Integrate to your order system and your accounting system
image Create discount structures and campaigns
image Gain insight into which products sell best and when

Do you want to save resources with automatic accounting?

Companies often spend a lot of resources on handling manual documents and cash reports. With our POS cash register system from Shopbox, the cash register is integrated with your accounting program, so that all transactions are automatically posted directly from the cash register.

The checkout system can be integrated with e-conomic, Dinero, Billy and Microsoft Business Central and more. By having a direct integration with your accounting system, you ensure that your business meets the new legislation on digital bookkeeping.

Integrate your accounting program into the cash register system

image Automatically post your transactions from all payment solutions
image Let the checkout system handle vouchers and checkout reports
image Save time with a day-end in less than 20 seconds
image Automatically comply with the new digital accounting act
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Get the best and cheapest solution with Shopbox

At Shopbox, we deliver complete and tailored solutions. In collaboration, we find the best solution with all the necessary functions for you and your business. Our POS checkout system for wine shops also makes it easier and cheaper to do business.

We offer competitive prices so that you can benefit from a good and cheap payment agreement. Our point of sale system is better and cheaper than you think. Try it yourself:

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