Intelligent POS checkout system for kiosk

Shopbox brings the entire business together on one platform with our digital point of sale solution for your kiosk. By switching to a smarter point of sale solution, you save time and money in your kiosk on administration and payment fees, and at the same time you get special key functions and tailored solutions.

Our point of sale system is not just a cash register, but a complete point of sale solution that improves the business process in your kiosk. Look forward to detailed insights into your business, both in relation to purchasing patterns and inventory, and at the same time get a point of sale system that has direct integration with your accounting program.

With a point of sale system from Shopbox, you can control your entire kiosk from the checkout – it doesn’t get any easier.

Do you need an efficient and intuitive point of sale solution that supports your kiosk?

Effective warehouse management with an overview of product flow

With a point of sale solution for kiosks, you gain full control over your stock and an overview of the store’s product flow. We offer a user-friendly inventory management system in the checkout, which provides an easy and quick overview of the store’s inventory. The system automatically updates the stock and sends a notification when new items need to be ordered home, so you always have items on the shelves in the store. This ensures that you save time on re-ordering goods.

Shopbox’s point of sale solution also provides insight into the store’s most popular products as well as the products that sell the least, so you get a clear overview of where more can be done for sales. The function is best suited for handling smaller inventories, but can be used by many companies.

Integrate stock management in the cashregister with Shopbox:

image Achieve optimal flow between purchased and sold goods
image Get 100% overview and control over the inventory
image Receive a notification when new items are to be ordered home
image Gain valuable insight into the business’s sales
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Do you want to achieve savings on fees and payment agreements?

As a business owner, high payment fees and payment agreements can be an obstacle to running an efficient business. With Shopbox’s digital point of sale system for kiosks, you get a payment solution that gives you big savings on both payment fees and the payment agreement.

Our point of sale system can accept card payments, online payments and mobile payments – including MobilePay. By bringing together all payment solutions in one point of sale system, payment fees are significantly reduced.

Shopbox also offers a point of sale solution where the system is easily integrated with your accounting software so that all payments are automatically posted. In this way, you will certainly comply with the Digital Bookkeeping Act.

Cheaper and better payment solutions:

image Receive all forms of payment at checkout – including MobilePay
image Integrate your payments with your accounting system
image Save money on payment fees and get a cheap payment agreement

At Shopbox, we think in complete solutions, and with our digital POS checkout system for kiosks, you get an all-in-one solution that ensures a more profitable everyday life. The point of sale system collects all payments, data and inventory on one platform, giving you 100% overview of your business. Our solution provides an improved insight into the company’s sales and also makes it cheaper for you to run your business.

A common denominator for all kiosks is the many daily transactions, as well as the fact that there are times of the day with heavy peak traffic. In these situations, it is crucial that you have a payment system that you can trust.

With a payment system from Shopbox, you get a helping hand in your busy everyday life. We are specialists in POS systems and use our experience to advise our customers in order to choose the right payment solution.

Give your customers discounts with the right point of sale solution

The goal of running a business is of course to get more customers and to increase sales. With Shopbox’s point of sale system, you can easily pamper your customers by creating and selling items at special package prices, and you can easily add new discounts when there is a need to help the sale of specific items on the way.


Increase your sales and gain a better overview with a digital point of sale system for kiosks from Shopbox.


Shopbox’s point of sale solution is built as an intuitive iPad-based system. This ensures that it is easy for you and your employees to handle, while at the same time that the system can be put together according to the needs of the individual company. And when you want deeper insight into the business, which can show optimization points and statistics on the effect of discounts, gift cards etc., you always have access to all your data through our administration system, My.Shopbox.

Create discounts, stamp cards and gift cards:

image Create package prices and discounts on selected items directly in the point of sale system
image Treat your regular customers to gift cards so they get special benefits
image Create offers and campaigns in your point of sale system for kiosks

Shopbox has developed an intuitive and functional POS system for kiosks, where you can create exactly the point of sale setup you want. There is room for both standard goods and special goods, which can be created with reasonable prices and any campaign discounts, so that you can optimize sales in your kiosk.

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We listen to our customers

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The point of sale system that ensures increased sales and 100% overview

With our digital point of sale solution from Shopbox, you get detailed information about your sales and turnover with just a few clicks. You also gain valuable insight into the customers’ buying patterns and the most sold products, which makes it easier for you to plan your future sales and purchases for your kiosk.

The point of sale system will become an integral part of your business and will act as a helping hand in administration. All transactions will be transferred directly to the accounts, giving you greater control over stock management and employee management.

You can follow developments in real time at any time, and you can read more about our collection of data here.

Get an overview and insight into your company:

image Get ongoing insightful reports on your sales
image Gain insight into the best-selling items and when they sell best
image Understand the business’s profit margin and the earnings on sales
image Train and motivate your employees

Do you want automatic accounting in your point of sale system for kiosks?

In many companies, numerous resources are spent on handling manual documents and cash reports. With our point of sale solution for kiosks, the cash register is easily and quickly integrated with your current accounting program, so that all transactions in the cash register are automatically posted. The point of sale system can be integrated with the majority of the most used accounting programs, so you don’t have to do duplicate work. e-conomic, Dinero, Billy and Microsoft Business Central, but the list is growing.

With this solution, you not only save time and money, but you also comply with new legislation regarding digital accounting.

Integrate your accounting program directly into the cash register system

image Automatically post transactions from all payment solutions
image Comply with the new digital bookkeeping act with a point of sale system for kiosks
image Save time and let the point of sale handle vouchers and cash reports
image Shopbox integrates easily with e-conomic, Dinero, Billy, Microsoft Business Central etc.
image Save time with a day-end in less than 20 seconds
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Shopbox is cheaper and better

Shopbox delivers complete and customized solutions. We work out the best point of sale solution together with you, with all the necessary functions that can boost sales and administration in your kiosk. We offer competitive prices, so you will certainly benefit from a good and cheap payment agreement.

Our point of sale system is better and cheaper than you think. Try it yourself:

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