User-friendly checkout system for fashion store and interior design store

If you are the owner of a clothing store or an interior design store, you probably know that there are many steps in the company’s administrative processes. With Shopbox, you bring the entire company together on one platform. Shopbox is a POS checkout system with special key functions that tie your entire business together, whether it’s about bookkeeping, inventory or payment solutions.

With Shopbox, your everyday life becomes easier and you are guaranteed detailed and valuable insight into your business. The POS system can accommodate both the physical store and your webshop with 100% overview and control over the stock. You can therefore control the entire store from our checkout system.

Do you also need a smarter checkout solution that supports your clothing store or interior design store?

Get full control over inventory and reordering

We believe that it should be easy and clear to keep track of your stock. With our checkout solution from Shopbox, we have developed a storage module where you can quickly get an overview of the store’s current stock. The system updates the warehouse continuously, and we send a notification when it is time to order new items for home again.

Our checkout solution also provides insight into the most popular items and how many of them are sold. With integrated stock management in our checkout system, you gain increased control over the stock, so you avoid out-of-stock items in the store and on the webshop.

Shopbox’s inventory management is optimized to handle a smaller inventory, but can be used by the vast majority of companies.

Advantages of stock management with Shopbox

image Full overview of inventory
image Automatic notification when it is time to reorder certain items
image In-depth and detailed insight into the business’s sales
image Optimal flow between purchased and sold goods
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Make e-commerce easier for you and your customers

Shopbox makes e-commerce easy for you and your customers, as our checkout solution can be easily integrated with your webshop and collect all your payments on one platform. The sales made through the webshop will automatically be stored in the checkout system, so that the store’s figures are always up to date.

In addition, the POS checkout system has built-in inventory management, which can also be integrated with your webshop. In this way, you always have a full overview and control over the stock as well as the reordering of specific items, whether it is in the store or on the webshop.

Cheaper and better payment solutions

With a digital checkout system for your clothing store or interior design store, you will both achieve greater profits in everyday life with a more flexible checkout system, while the system also makes it cheaper for you to do business.

Advantages of a POS checkout system from Shopbox:

image You can receive all payment solutions in the checkout
image You can integrate your MobilePay payments
image You get a cheaper payment agreement/redemption agreement
image You can easily integrate transactions with your accounting system

At Shopbox, we think in complete solutions and always have the customer in focus, so that together we can ensure a checkout solution that meets exactly your and the business’s needs. In a clothing store, there are often many transactions during a day, while an interior store often handles large transactions. Therefore, in both cases, it is essential to have a checkout system that you can trust.
Our team is always ready to advise you with a view to the right choice of payment agreement and payment terminal, so we ensure that you get exactly the right checkout solution for you. At Shopbox, we can deliver a complete solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

Do you want better insight into the sales in your store?

With Shopbox’s customer module, you can easily keep an overview of your different customer groups, whether your business is aimed at B2C or B2B customers or a mixture of both. You can track your customers’ previous purchases and thereby gain insight into the customer journey. This knowledge is valuable as you gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and behaviour, which you can use to optimize your business.


“Increase your turnover with a digital POS checkout system for fashion stores and interior stores from Shopbox.”


The checkout system is also integrated with your order system and accounting system, so you avoid a lot of duplication of work in connection with administration tasks. The system runs automatically and does the administrative work for you, so you can focus on your customers and your business. The administration is easily done from My.Shopbox, where you get full control over the setup of your checkout system.

Create loyalty through customer insight

Our loyalty module gives you access to detailed and insightful data about your customers and their purchase journey. By strengthening your own insight into the customers, you also get a better overview of your business. Which items sell best when? Which customer groups are particularly influenced by a good offer? By getting data about customers, you get a smarter and more efficient business.

This module is tailored for business with B2C customers, which is the everyday life of the majority of clothing stores and interior design stores. The module therefore contains some special functions that help to increase your customer satisfaction and thus your sales.

With Shopbox’s POS checkout system, you boost your business by being able to:

image Get continuous automatic reports on your sales
image Gain insight into stock and reordering of goods
image Get an insight into your margin and profit on sales
image See which products sell the most and the least
image Motivate your employees and monitor their sales
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We listen to our customers

Shopbox Trustpilot Review Excellent
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Get the right checkout system for discounts and gift cards

With our POS checkout system, it is easy to create discounts and special offers that make your customers buy more, regardless of whether your primary sales take place in store or on the webshop. With our checkout solution for clothing stores and interior design stores, you can easily create and sell items at special package prices and you can easily add discounts on an ongoing basis if sales need to be boosted further.


“Increase your turnover with a digital POS checkout system for fashion stores and interior stores from Shopbox.”


With our intuitive checkout system, you avoid manual and time-consuming entries and you can create exactly the checkout setup you want. We have also created an administration system, My.Shopbox, where you have access to all data and information, for a deeper insight into sales. With easy administration, you save time and money and it gives much more profit in everyday life, so you can focus your energy on the customers.

Set up discounts and gift cards at checkout

image Create discounts for special products in your clothing store and interior store checkout system
image Give gift cards to regular customers to keep them coming back again and again
image Create offers and campaigns directly at checkout

Should your clothing store or fashion store be lifted with automatic accounting?

If you use a lot of resources to handle checkout reports and manual documents, you can benefit greatly from our digital checkout system from Shopbox. The checkout solution is integrated with your or your accountant’s accounting program, so that all transactions are posted directly from the checkout.

Our digital cash register system complies with the Digital Bookkeeping Act and can be easily integrated with e-conomic, Dinero, Billy, Microsoft Business Central and more. In addition, the system has a day-end in less than 20 seconds, so you don’t have to spend unnecessary time shutting down for the day. In this way, you get combined security in the bookkeeping with a good experience for your employees.

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Shopbox is cheaper and better

Shopbox offers a comprehensive solution that is tailored to your specific needs. With our POS cash register system for clothing stores and interior stores, you are guaranteed a modern and highly intuitive cash register system with all the necessary functions, which make it cheaper and easier to do business.

We know it has to be cheap and therefore offer competitive prices, and we also offer licenses and optional packages. Our checkout solution for clothing stores and interior design stores is cheaper and better than you think. Try it yourself:

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