Shopbox Privacy Policy



1. Definitions

Within this policy, the following terms and phrases have theses definitions:

1.1. “Shopbox” “we” “us” “our” or “ours” refers to the private limited company Shopbox ApS, which owns and Shopbox, and registered in Denmark under the CVR number: 33964544 with address at Rentemestervej 2b, 2400 København NV.

1.2. “User”, “you”, “your”, “yours”, refers to you as a user of Shopbox and our digital platform.

1.3. “Terms and conditions of use” or “user rights” refers to the product use rights that governs the legal relationship between the customer and Shopbox.

1.4. “Customer” or “the customer” refers to our clients and customers who have purchased a service or product from them.

1.5. “Service”, “the service” or “services” refers to the services Shopbox offers its users via the Shopbox digital platforms, including Point of Sale solution, customer club/loyalty etc.

1.6. “Buy” or “purchase” refers to customers’ purchases from the Shopbox user.

1.7. “Voucher”, “vouchers” or “coupons” refers to the certificate of value that the customer receives when purchasing a voucher or coupon, which gives the customer the right to receive a given product or service from the given store when redeeming their certificate of value or voucher in accordance with the terms of use.

1.8. “Digital platforms” refers to, our mobile applications and our e-mails.

1.9. “Registration” or “register” refers to the customer’s registration of information on our digital platform in accordance with section 2.


2. Handling and management of personal information or data

2.1. The data that Shopbox registers is regulated by the Danish law “lov om behandling af personoplysninger”. Shopbox is responsible for handling the data. “Datatilsynet” or the Danish Data Protection Agency oversees any action covered by the law. You can find the law in its entirety and read about “Datatilsynet” or the Danish Data Protection Agency at

2.2. Shopbox uses cookies to recognize you and let you view different offers and services, without having to log in. We use logstatistisk software, but we cannot track your specific movements online. We use it to map tendencies in how our digital platforms are used, to constantly improve the platforms.

2.3. A cookie is a small text file stored in your computer. When you visit our digital platforms, our system will look for this file, and if the file is there, then our system will know that you have visited us before. The file does not contain information about you and we are not able to specifically track your movements on our digital platforms.

2.4. In order to provide our services to you, we must know the information you are requested to register when using our digital platforms cf. section 2. In addition, we register the changes you make through your Shopbox account. This is done in order to provide a better service for you.

2.5. Whilst we have your data, a few selected employees have access to this information and it is not encrypted. We do NOT save your credit card information. We do NOT register your personal information. We do NOT sell nor hand over your information to third parties.

2.6. When sending your information to us through our digital platforms, please note that this is done through unencrypted channels/connections. Only paying online with credit cards is done through encrypted channels/connections. When purchasing the user must share credit card information with our secure and encrypted payment solutions. Shopbox does not have access to the credit card information, which is solely handled by the payment solution provider, who is certified for handling these types of data in Denmark.

2.7. The personal data act contains rules regarding the right of access, right to object to a specific processing of personal data and the right to, in special cases, get your information corrected. The right of access entails, among other things, the right for the registered party to be informed if their data is being processed, what data is being processed, the objective for the processing of this data etc. If you wish to evoke these rights, you have to contact Shopbox through email, letter or telephone.


3. Contact information

Shopbox ApS, Rentemestervej 2b, 2400 København NV – Phone: +45 31 13 15 15 – CVR: 33964544, Email: