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With features like intelligent reporting, inventory management and staff management, Shopbox POS automatically carries out administrative functions that save you both time and resources. We want to make your life easier as a retail business owner and free up your time, so you can spend time where it matters – with your customers.

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Fast transaction speeds

No matter how well you treat your customers, they will never enjoy waiting in line to make a purchase. Shopbox POS is one of the fastest solutions on the market, meaning you can serve more customers in less time.

Avoid empty shelves

Keep track of your stock with the inventory manager on My.Shopbox. You can see how well your products are selling and base your ingredient orders on their popularity, making sure you never have too much or too little of anything.

Manage your store from anywhere

Running a retail shop is a lot of work. If you’re at another location, or on vacation, you can track real-time store updates on your phone with our cloud-based POS system. You can also log on to our back-end and make administrative changes from any computer or browser.

Staff training made simple

How do you ensure that your staff keeps the same standards even when you’re not present? You can’t – but you can make sure they spend as little time frustrated over a complicated POS system as possible and instead spend time smiling to your customers. Shopbox POS is easy to use, and teaching your staff is both intuitive and quick.

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NETS hardware

Package deal – everything you need to run your business.

Is your business located in Denmark? In cooperation with Nets Denmark, we are proud to present an all-in-one package with everything you need to run your business. You place the order, and we provide hardware, tablet, card terminal, software from Shopbox and acquiring agreement from Nets. With no start-up fees and prices from 649 DKK/month, there simply is no cheaper solution on the market.

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Hardware & Integrations

We’ve done our research and picked the best hardware on the market to offer with Shopbox POS. Take a look at our hardware page, or get in touch if you need help deciding what is best for you – we’d love to give you some advice. Shopbox also integrates with both accounting software and payment terminals.



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