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How to serve 32.000 customers in 15 minutes.

A lot goes into running a large enterprise. Your point of sale should be powerful and durable so you can spend more time focusing on day-to-day operations and less time worrying about each transaction.

Shopbox’s enterprise point of sale solution ensures your large business runs smoothly, and our fast transaction speeds and offline capability helps shorten the queue. Read about how Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, uses Shopbox to create experiences and increase revenue   READ MORE

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Fast transactions

When you have to handle huge crowds, you can’t afford to wait for a slow POS. Shopbox is 25% faster so you can serve your customers quickly.

An omnichannel future

We’re preparing for a future where every aspect of the customer experience is connected. Join us for the journey.

Works offline

Server overload? No problem. All transactions are saved locally and uploaded to the cloud once the internet is reconnected.

Easy staff training

Shopbox’s intuitive interface makes learning how to use the app fast and easy. No intensive staff training required.


POS for Stadiums & Arenas
POS for Franchise
Hardware & Integrations

You need long-lasting and reliable hardware to serve a large number of people. To deliver a solution that’s right for you, we’ve partnered with some of the best brands we know, including Microsoft, HP, and Bambora.



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