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Shopbox receives all payments

Read all about our payment solutions. We process both card payments, mobile and online payments. It is therefore up to you which redemption agreement you want. We can help regardless of your need.

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Card payments

We accept Mastercard, Dankort and Visa.

Danmarks bedste kassesystem

Online payments

We process payments via your webshop through, for example, Bambora or Nets.

Danmarks bedste kassesystem

Mobile payments

We accept both MobilePay and ApplePay.

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The Shopbox point of sale system always guarantees you a profit. With us you can receive payments from all cards as well as mobile payments and online payments. Read much more about the different options below.

At Shopbox, we know that people’s preferences for cards can be very different. Some prefer Mastercard and some use Visa. Therefore, we have shaped our system so that it can accept all cards. In Shopbox we accept Mastercard, Dankort and Visa.

If you use cards from private banks such as Lunar or Revolut, our point of sale system can also accept payments through these providers. Have a no-obligation chat with us about your options. We would love to answer your questions and find a good solution.

Mobile payments

We have of course also taken into account the increased tendency of consumers to use mobile payments. This gives you great flexibility as a business owner. For example, if you receive an offer to participate in a trade fair or another type of market where it is customary to accept MobilePay, you can easily accept and still use Shopbox’s point of sale system. With Shopbox, you can accept MobilePay and Apple-pay, where your customers can pay via a code they enter or by scanning a QR code. It is entirely up to you and your needs as a trader.

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Online payments

If you run a business where you also have a webshop, then it is important to be able to accept transactions online. Our point of sale system has been developed to receive payments in your physical store at the same time that the point of sale system can also accept payments via your webshop. You can also have our point of sale system excluded for your webshop or your physical store if you prefer this. The possibilities are many and you are always welcome to ask about what can be done. We are used to tailoring the system for different businesses and your company is no exception.


Nets is an online solution that enables your webshop to receive payment for a sale. Through Nets, you as a trader can receive secure payments, as Nets is fully compliant. Nets processes all forms of payment at the same time.


Bambora is an online solution that processes payments through your webshop. Bambora accepts all currencies and forms of payment. Bambora is fully compliant and securely processes your payments, so your webshop is protected.

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Optimize your business potential

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All-in-one solution

Shopbox quickly sets up a full POS solution for you that talks to your business systems, stores and payment solutions.
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Custom integrations

Shopbox point of sale system can integrate with your accounting system, your webshop, bank and much more.
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Create growth through data

Via Shopbox you can get data on your employees, transactions and your inventory.

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