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Shopbox is an omnichannel solution

Shopbox is based on an omnichannel marketing strategy, which is a huge plus for your business. An omnichannel approach coordinates and streamlines your systems and processes, making your day-to-day work easier and less time consuming. Read more about how Shopbox has adopted omnichannel below.

Danmarks bedste kassesystem

Gathered in one place

See all data about your business and sales in one place.

Danmarks bedste kassesystem

Both iPad and mobile

You can access your checkout system from your Ipad or mobile and you can also receive payments via both channels.

Danmarks bedste kassesystem


Shopbox can be integrated with, for example, your webshop or your accounting system.

What can omnichannel do for me?

An omnichannel approach improves the customer experience. It smartly streamlines all your processes across different marketing channels. In other words, your customers, can access your products both from a PC and a cell phone so you don’t miss out on a sale just because a potential customer is using a different kind of device. This can increase your chances of “ringing the register”. But an omnichannel strategy is even more complex and valuable than this. 


Not only does it increase your chances of making a sale, it also makes it easier for you to take care of business systems on your own. The strategy allows you to access your data in a single place so you don’t need to spend time logging onto multiple sites and wasting a lot of effort. 


Above all else, an omnichannel strategy can save you a lot of time and frustration, allowing you to focus more on your business. That’s worth its weight in gold.


Why has Shopbox adopted omnichannel?

But how exactly does Shopbox carry out this omnichannel marketing? 

In myShopbox, where you add your products and access your data, you have access to everything you need. A single login gives you an overview of all your reports, sales figures, products, and much more, all in one handy place.


Shopbox is also streamlined, allowing you to accept payments in your brick-and-mortar business or on the go if you often visit customers away from your store. This allows you to receive up-front payments at multiple locations through different channels. For instance, you can use Shopbox on an iPad, phone, or PC, making it a snap for you and your employees to operate our system. 


Not only do you save yourself a lot of wasted effort, you also vastly improve your customers’ experience since your POS system can be adapted to suit their needs. Shopbox can, e.g., accept all forms of payment and can even be integrated with your web store or accounting system, putting all your data into one convenient place. If you’re interested in learning more about omnichannel, just contact us and find out how Shopbox can help you and your business. 

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Optimize your business’ potential

Alt-i-en løsning ikon

All-in-one solution

Shopbox sets you up with a full-scale POS that communicates with your business systems and payment solutions.
Skab Vækst Gennem Data Ikon

Custom integration

The Shopbox POS system can integrate with your accounting system, web store, bank, and much, much more.
Skræddersyede Integrationer Ikon

Optimize through data

Shopbox gives you insight into your employees, inventory, and transactions, so you can grow your business.

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