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Managing your business’s inventory

Selling products is an important task for many businesses. Many of them elect to store their products in a warehouse or stockroom. Shopbox combines a POS system with inventory management in one single user-friendly package so you can easily manage and keep track of your products. We recommend that most businesses actively manage their inventory to ensure a more optimal flow between incoming and outgoing products.

Why use Shopbox’s inventory management?

Since it should be easy and straightforward to keep track of your inventory, Shopbox has developed a simple inventory module that gives you a quick overview of the products you have in inventory and lets you know when it’s time to make another purchase. You can leave the day-to-day management to us. We’ll notify you when it’s time to reorder a product. All that’s left for you to do is to let us know the minimum quantities of each product that you’d like to keep on hand at all times. If you’d like to keep track of your inventory, you can let your cash register track your inventory levels. Just enter your products and their corresponding quantities into the POS system. This helps ensure that your items are never completely sold out. 


Since it can be costly to tie up money in inventory that isn’t turning over, inventory management gives you a lot of bang for the buck. It’s a smart, easy, and simple way to stay on top of your business. In addition, a POS system with inventory management can deliver valuable insight into the specific products employees are selling and their volumes. This lets you see which products are flying off the shelves and which are sitting around gathering cobwebs. 

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Who can benefit from inventory management?

Inventory management helps the vast majority of businesses. Whether it’s a small clothing store, kiosk, or bakery you’re running, you can still benefit from an inventory management system. The higher your sales and inventory levels, the greater the need for inventory management. That being said, Shopbox’s inventory module is ideally suited for stores that manage a limited amount of inventory. If you’re operating a business with a large, diverse inventory and are therefore looking for a more comprehensive, detailed solution, we recommend either Rackbeat or Extend.

The advantages of inventory management

An inventory management system offers a number of features that help you manage your inventory. We’ve listed the most useful ones below:

  • Overview of the products in inventory and their corresponding quantities
  • Notification when it’s time to reorder a given product
  • Insight into products that are exceeding or falling short of expectations
  • Insight into products that can be considered poor investments and phased out

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Optimize your business’ potential

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All-in-one solution

Shopbox sets you up with a full-scale POS that communicates with your business systems and payment solutions.
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Custom integration

The Shopbox POS system can integrate with your accounting system, web store, bank, and much, much more.
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Optimize through data

Shopbox gives you insight into your employees, inventory, and transactions, so you can grow your business.

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