Get an ultra-fast, simple POS system for your service business that’s both mobile and affordable. For a nominal amount that you can even pay on the go with your iPhone, you can get a full-featured digital POS system. No more missing out on sales opportunities or pulling your hair out sending payment reminders to customers! Get secure, up-front payment. If this kind of payment arrangement sounds appealing, then Shopbox is the right choice for you!

A POS system specifically designed for service businesses

At Shopbox, we have years of experience in the service industry, so we know how important it is to develop solutions that save service businesses like yours time and money.


Shopbox can offer you:

✅ A high level of customer satisfaction

✅ Mobile payments on the go

✅ Inventory management and discount levels

✅ A POS system that can accept all forms of payment

Shopbox POS


Did you know that…

many shop owners and contractors are tired of having to spend time sending payment reminders to their customers? We know this all too well. Therefore, it’s important that you have the ability to get paid up front. You can also choose to receive half the payment in advance and send an invoice for the balance. There are numerous options and the choice is yours. At Shopbox, we’ve developed a solution that lets you access your POS system via a cell phone. If you have a SumUp terminal in your car, you can quickly ring up a sale with the terminal and your phone while you’re on the go.

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Get a POS that’s customized for your industry

Shopbox is the ideal choice for service businesses where every second counts. Shopbox’s POS system combines everything you need for payments and customer relationship management in a single handy location. You can add your products, organize them into groups, and create discount levels for specific product categories. The ability to offer your customers reward programs and special perks is another big plus.

Shopbox integrates with these ERPs

Most people agree that when it comes to your business, time is a precious resource that always seems, for one reason or another, to be in short supply.

However, Shopbox’s integrations can save you both time and valuable resources. For example, you can get an integration to your accounting system so any sales you ring up in the Shopbox POS automatically get entered into your accounting system. This saves you a lot of duplicated effort.


Choose any of the following modules for your store

✅  Select the B2B Customer Module to improve the customer satisfaction levels of your B2B customers. This module also allows you to track customer data and group your products into distinct categories.

✅  Get an integration with your accounting system so all your payments are collected in a single place. This lets you stay on top of things so you can easily post entries to your accounting ledgers and reconcile your accounts.


Optimize your business’ potential

Alt-i-en løsning ikon

All-in-one solution

Shopbox sets you up with a full-scale POS that communicates with your business systems and payment solutions.
Skab Vækst Gennem Data Ikon

Custom integration

The Shopbox POS system can integrate with your accounting system, web store, bank, and much, much more.
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Optimize through data

Shopbox gives you insight into your employees, inventory, and transactions, so you can grow your business.

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