Kassesystem til Café

Point of sale system for bakery, cafe and bar

An efficient point of sale system makes a huge difference when you have to be able to handle many customers during the course of a day. That is why we have created a digital point of sale system that streamlines the flow, regardless of whether you need a point of sale system for a bakery, cafe or bar.

As the owner of a bakery, cafe or bar, many transactions come through the point of sale system, and each transaction can be time-consuming both in sales and in accounting. At Shopbox, we offer point of sale solutions that make everyday life in your business significantly easier. We have extensive experience in delivering POS systems for bakeries, cafes and bars, which both save time and money, while also improving the overall customer experience.

With Shopbox, you can also tailor your own solution and get the perfect combination of point of sale system and add-ons that suit your particular business.

Save money on payment fees and payment agreements

As a trader, high payment fees and costly payment agreements can be a big challenge. With Shopbox’s digital point of sale system for bakeries, cafes and bars, you will get a payment solution that caters to you as a trader and gives you savings on both payment fees and the payment agreement.

With Shopbox you get one point of sale system that can accept both card payments, online payments and mobile payments including MobilePay. By collecting all payment solutions on one platform, you reduce your payment fees.

With Shopbox, you also get a solution where the point of sale system and payments are integrated, so that the system automatically takes your orders directly into the accounting. In this way, you will certainly comply with the law on digital accounting.

Cheaper and better payment solutions:

image Receive all payment solutions at checkout – incl. MobilePay
image Get a cheaper payment agreement and fewer payment fees
image Your payments are automatically integrated into your accounting

With Shopbox, you get a business partner who thinks in complete solutions. We always investigate what makes sense within a specific industry, just as we have created a system that can be adapted to your specific needs.

A common denominator for bakeries, cafes and bars is the many daily transactions, as well as the fact that there are times of the day with heavy peak traffic. Here it is crucial that you have a payment system that you can trust.

When you get a point of sale system from Shopbox, you get the benefit of a dedicated specialist who knows the challenges businesses face in everyday life – both in the store and online. We use our extensive experience to advise our customers in order to choose the right payment solution and payment agreement, so that you avoid drowning in fees.

Bageri, cafe og bar

Give customers discounts that work

Do you have “morning specials”, “3 for 2”, “happy hour” or similar offers? With a point of sale solution from Shopbox, it becomes easier for you to create and sell your goods at special package prices. By creating menus, you can easily and quickly offer customers special package prices and discounts within or across product categories, regardless of which offers make sense to you.


“Increase your average shopping basket and turnover with point of sale system for bakery, cafe and bar from Shopbox.”


A point of sale system from Shopbox is an obvious choice in a bakery, cafe or bar, where you have a busy everyday life and you need to go fast in serving customers. Our digital point of sale system removes a large part of the manual time spent on adjusting prices, creating discounts and selecting products.

Create discounts, stamp cards and gift cards for your regular customers:

image Create discounts for specific products or drinks in your point of sale system for bakery, cafe and bar
image Give your regular customers special benefits with gift cards and stamp cards, so they come back again and again
image Create menus, today’s offer or adjust the price of expired items directly at checkout

At Shopbox, we have developed an intuitive and functional POS system for bakeries, cafes and bars where you can create exactly the cash register setup you want, with space for all your goods. This applies to both standard goods and special goods, which are created with reasonable prices and promotional discounts.

You also have the option of creating new items and making adjustments directly in the cash register, which you can also do using our administration system, My.Shopbox, where you have access to everything.

We listen to our customers

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The point of sale system that provides an overview and increased sales

With a digital point of sale solution from Shopbox, you get an overview of your turnover, and you can also see the customers’ buying patterns and the most popular products, so it becomes easy to plan what you should focus on. The system is intuitively designed so that with a few clicks you get information about your sales that can increase your overall knowledge of the customers and your own company.

The point of sale system thus becomes an integral part of your entire business, and will function as a helping hand in administration. The transactions and the entered information from your bakery, cafe or bar will be transferred directly to the accounts, helping to give you a greater overview of stock management and employee management.

You can always follow developments in real time, and you can read much more about our collection of data here.

Overview creates insight:

image Get automatic ongoing reports on your sales
image Gain insight into your most popular items and when they sell best
image Understand the margin and earnings on your sales
image Train and motivate your employees and monitor their sales
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Bageri, cafe og bar

Are you ready for automatic accounting for a bakery, cafe or bar?

Do you spend too much time handling cash reports and manual documents, and do you have regular contact with your accountant? Then a digital point of sale system from Shopbox can be your salvation.

By integrating your or your accountant’s accounting program into the cash register system, you can automatically post all transactions directly from the cash register. This not only saves you time and money, but you also comply with the new legislation regarding accounting methods.

Save time and money with integration to your accounting program:

image Post transactions from all payment solutions
image Let the digital checkout system handle vouchers and accounting
image Get home earlier with a day-end in less than 20 seconds
image We integrate with e-conomic, Billy, Dinero, Microsoft Business Central and others.
image Comply with the new digital accounting law with our point of sale solution

Shopbox handles the queue during rush hour

At Shopbox, we have developed a special function for bakeries and cafes, so that you avoid long queues at the times of the day when you have the greatest peak load. With Shopbox, you can facilitate sales and orders by creating your own website for online ordering, so that your customers can order goods through this and pay from home. Customers collect the packaged goods from the cash register and thereby skip the queue.

With a point of sale solution from Shopbox, you get your own ordering page and app in your own name and design. In addition, you and your employees can easily manage the orders in the point of sale system, regardless of whether the customers shop physically in the store, over the phone or online.

Ordre app
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We are cheaper and better

Shopbox helps you get a complete solution tailored to your exact needs and expectations. We know it has to be cheap, which is why our prices are as follows.

With a new point of sale solution from Shopbox for bakeries, cafes and bars, you get a modern and intuitive iPad-based online point of sale system with all the functions you need in everyday life. In addition, you can get a payment terminal and an advantageous and cheap payment agreement.

Our point of sale system for bakery, cafe and bar is cheaper and better than you think. Try it yourself:

Pssst: We are happy to help set up the entire system if you wish!

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