Farm's Kitchen

Farm's Kitchen started out as a food truck and today they have an extremely popular and cozy restaurant in Glostrup. It was in connection with the opening of the restaurant at the end of 2020 that Farm's Kitchen turned to Shopbox, as they were looking for a point of sale system that could handle both drop-ins, online orders and phone orders. In other words, Farm's Kitchen wanted everything gathered in one place and they could get that with Shopbox's point of sale solution.

“2/3 af alt vores salg kommer igennem vores takeaway-app fra Shopbox”

– Steffen Weise, administrerende direktør, Farm’s Kitchen

Farm’s Kitchen not only has a point of sale system from Shopbox, they were also among the first Shopbox customers to get their own customized takeaway app. Today, their app has over 3,000 downloads and 2/3 of the total sales are generated through the app. When we visit Steffen and his wife Farm in the restaurant, he tells us that the app has reduced the number of drop-ins, as their customers have been good at taking the app to heart and therefore order through the app rather than visiting spontaneously up in the restaurant. This has helped to ease some of the pressure – Farm’s Kitchen is already running strong and therefore many of their customers, who previously came in directly from the street, have experienced a long wait, but now that they order in the app, customers exactly when they should come and collect their food.


When it’s extra busy, Farm’s Kitchen also has the option to notify customers of delays via the app, so they don’t show up at the restaurant in vain, which is more convenient for all parties. But that is not the only advantage of having your own takeaway app, Steffen points out that, via the app, they now have the option to report that certain dishes are sold out, which they were not able to do before. In addition, Steffen sees it as a great advantage that as a restaurant owner you have full control over your activities and are not dependent on third-party suppliers, and points out, among other things, the high fees that he saves by having his own takeaway app.


“We have always been looking to get our own app,
but with many other providers it is not your own app
you lie under their portal and give far too high percentages.
I want my very own – just like we got from you.”

“The customers are really happy with the app – there are several,
who have said it is better than many other takeaway apps.”


Nobody sleeps into success. Farm’s Kitchen has put a lot of effort into making their customers aware of their takeaway app. Steffen mentions that, among other things, they make a lot of use of social media and use their answering machine to tell customers that they can go in and download the app and order that way and thereby avoid calling the restaurant in vain. While we are visiting Farm’s Kitchen, a customer comes in and Steffen is also quick to talk about the app, and mentions that it is super easy to find and use, and adds that you can also see pictures of the dishes. It is quite clear that Farm’s Kitchen is doing its bit to promote their takeaway app from Shopbox and for the same reason is experiencing great success with it.

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A scalable (and easy) point of sale solution

When Steffen had to find the right point of sale system in connection with the opening of the restaurant in Glostrup, the most important parameter was that the solution had to be scalable, “One of the reasons why we chose Shopbox at the time was because we have built our concept around the fact that it must be scalable, so that the system can keep up if we want to open new departments”. Steffen also says that it was alfaomega that their point of sale system was able to collect all orders in one place and therefore had to be able to handle both drop-ins, online orders and telephone orders. That’s why Steffen chose Shopbox’s point of sale solution, as it met the requirements and wishes he had.


“The point of sale system itself is quite easy. It’s a bit like the iPhone –
everyone can figure it out. Therefore, people get to know the system quite quickly.”


But it’s one thing to have a point of sale system that collects all orders in one place and is able to grow with the business, another thing is ease of use. Steffen says that the Shopbox point of sale system is incredibly easy to navigate and compares the cash register system to iPhones, which most of us know how to use and therefore he finds that it is relatively quick to introduce new employees to the system. Steffen further explains that Farm’s Kitchen has been able to achieve some savings on staffing in the restaurant, because the point of sale system is so simple to operate that the kitchen staff can actually handle the last evening hours before closing time alone. We end the visit at Farm’s Kitchen with the impression that Steffen and his wife are quite satisfied with both their point of sale system and takeaway app.



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