by Dominika Galusa

November is an exciting month for Shopbox. We have been present at various events around Europe: Digital Copenhagen in Denmark, Cartes Connexions in Paris and finally, WIRED Retail in London.

The Startup Stage ran alongside the Main Stage talks at the Wired Retail event. Here, a wide range of fast growing, and innovative businesses working in the retail sector introduced their organization and explained their objectives, aims, and applications.

As the name implies, the Startup Stage showcases startups and growth-stage businesses vying for the audience’s attention. These companies are at the forefront of their respective industries, and represent the current creative age of retail that is disrupting the business.

Our CEO Christian Zigler’s impressive speech about how Shopbox is transforming the restaurant and retail industry, received many great comments and interest from the public. As a result, we are thrilled to announce that Shopbox won 2nd place at the Startup Stage showcase. This is clear evidence that Shopbox is bringing the future of restaurants to our hands and changing the business forever.

Check out his presentation below.

WIRED gathered the most knowledgeable speakers and attendees, tech giants, ambitious entrepreneurs and future leaders. As a result, we met and connected with many diverse people across a wide range of industries that showed a great interest in possible partnerships with Shopbox. We now return to Denmark with an expanded network of people, full of new ideas, and inspired.

Besides Shopbox, there were many other talented companies at the Wired Startup Stage:

– VISR VR: Wants to make immersive virtual reality available for everyone.

CommonSense Robotics: Will enable everyone to make their groceries online – the robots will take care of the logistics of the shopping facility.

Cimagine: Enables consumers to use their mobile, and wearable devices to visualize products in life-like 3D.

Paymium: Allows you to buy and sell Bitcoins with ease on the European exchange.

Smartzer: Brings rich consumer experiences through shoppable and interactive video content.

Kontainers: Introduces the new way to book container shipping.

Wolt: Delivers food to your door in 20 minutes.

Quiqup: Can pick up anything you want, and deliver wherever you are.

– Presence Orb: Produces WiFi analytics through in place WiFi networks.

Big Data For Humans: Engine automates powerful math so that analysts and data scientists can be free to focus on the creative exploration of information and business.

yReceipts: Is the way to link in-store transactions to shoppers and campaigns on any POS device.

Taggstar: Is a real time social proof messanging. It tells your customers how, and what other shoppers have bought.

It was a great pleasure listening to all of the powerful ideas. We hope to be there next year!