by Christian Zigler

After three years of thinking, sweating, coding and testing we finally released the first version of the Shopbox app on April 20th. It is hard to believe it has been three years since I started the company. So how did it all start? I wanted to build a simple solution for small retailers… If you are a big company getting great software is easy. But, if you are a small business and you don’t have big bucks to invest, it’s actually quite hard to find simple software solutions for your everyday problems!

It really seemed like no one was doing much effort to understand the needs of small business owners. They were stuck with old-fashioned cash registers instead of having an easy-to-use mobile POS solution. So I thought that if nobody wanted to help them, I would!

It shouldn’t be so complicated right? So three years ago, I found some developers, we set the company up and we developed all this code. Unfortunately, it was not exactly what the market wanted.

We realized that we needed to create a solution that connects everything! It should be able to register payments, save useful customer information, allow business owners to send promotions to their customers, and keep track of their inventory. Besides, it would need to be intuitive, and of course at a much lower price than all other existing solutions!

We raised some more money and started working on this; however, every time we created something, we always discovered new things to improve. We were focused on making a product as simple and as comprehensive as possible without compromising on anything.

So after all this thinking and sweating and coding, here we are, three years later very excited to be launching very soon what we believe could potentially help millions of small businesses.

At Shopbox, our mission is to make small businesses bigger by providing intuitive tools that will increase their sales and make their businesses more effective.

So what is Shopbox?

Shopbox is an affordable, all-in-one solution for small businesses that simplifies a business’s processes, optimizes employee productivity, and reduces costs. Shopbox also enables retailers to expand their business since they can manage multiple outlets and obtain real-time sales updates by shop, employee, cash register, or item whether they’re on-site or sipping mojitos in Mexico.

And the best thing is, that it is absolutely free to use! Help me, help you grow your business!