by Christian Zigler

We have been working very hard to make your experience using our app as best as possible.  You already know that all you do on your iPad in the shop is immediately stored in the cloud and then transmitted to MyShopbox on your computer. Now, MyShopbox is full of enhancements you will appreciate every day when running your business. The website has become more essential allowing you for higher performance and productivity. The more you do with MyShopbox, the more you will wonder how you did without it. We recognize the importance of keeping an eye on all the transactions, so your business can grow bigger and bigger. We present the key changes and upgrades in MyShopbox.

Simpler inventory function to keep track on your products

Now you have a clear overview on all your inventory with a possibility to add different variants. On the list, you can see discount, price, purchase price, quantity and SKU code. We have also added an option that will allow you to import the list of the products from an Excel file.

My Shopbox 2

Improved list of the transactions

We give you an opportunity to resend a receipt to your customer with just one click.

My Shopbox

Detailed overview of your sales

You can search for your total sales performance by each day. Moreover, the list includes all types of payment methods which have been used this day (credit card, mobile pay, give card, cash).

My Shopbox

Complete list of your customers

Now you can keep track on all of your customers in one place. Add their e-mail and phone number so you will never get lost.

My Shopbox

New integration function

You can choose the services you want from the menu on the left. All you have to do is click the company logo to start the integration.

E-conomic and Billy makes billing easy. You can choose which one is more suitable for your business. With the integration of E-conomic or Billy with Shopbox solution you can save receipts, import customers and products, get an overview of your finances and synchronize your accounts with just a few clicks on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Swipp gives your company the ability to receive mobile payments from all the major banks in Denmark. With Swipp integrated into your Shopbox solution, you get a clear access to the future of mobile payments. Swipp also makes payments faster and easier for your customers.

My Shopbox