by Larissa Gutscher

Have you ever been so hungry you hated the world and every person on it? No matter how meticulously we plan our eating habits, at least once in our lives we all inevitably find ourselves in a state of hunger so intense, we’re furious about it – or “hangry”.

“Hanger” can make us do some pretty crazy things. While most of us may snap at others, some people (and animals) turn to extreme measures when they’re hungry. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a hangry tirade – especially if you’re kind enough to be making and serving the food!

Thankfully, you can use some of Shopbox’s built-in features to help keep the hangry under control in your shop or restaurant.

Waiting times are reduced thanks to 25% faster transaction speeds.

When you’re hangry, you want food NOW. The longer the process takes to get a sandwich in your mouth, the grumpier you get. Standing in a long queue at your favourite bakery is frustrating as you watch the muffins in the glass case taunt you while you wait. Thanks to Shopbox’s fast transaction speeds, that waiting time is greatly cut down. Shopbox is easy to use and responds quickly to the user’s movements, making completing a transaction much speedier.

Feed Hungry Customers

Cut those stressful waiting times with Shopbox.

Payment options like Swipp and MobilePay allow sales to be completed more quickly.

With those increased transaction speeds, your customers won’t even have time to dig through their wallets to find the right card or the exact amount of change. Plus, in their state of hunger-induced disorientation, they would probably give you the wrong coins or forget their PIN (or their entire wallet) anyway. Luckily, all a customer needs is their phone, and they can pay for their long-awaited meal with a simple SMS or scan of a QR code.

Don’t waste time typing in an order thanks to helpful categories and Favourite products.

The hunger cravings have been around long enough and your customer knows what they want. But watching an employee fumbling around on the point of sale trying to find said item is not going to make that customer feel encouraged about their hunger coming to an end. Shopbox allows you to sort all your products in categories so you know exactly where they are. If you have a really popular item, you can Favourite it so that it appears as soon as you start taking someone’s order.

Feed Hungry Customers

If people can’t get their hands on your delicious chocolates fast enough, make them a Favourite.

Send the customer’s order to the kitchen as soon as they’ve decided.

Don’t waste time scribbling down orders and forcing the kitchen staff to decipher your illegible shorthand names for dishes. With Shopbox, you can take customer orders using your phone rather than a notepad, meaning there is no confusion over what was ordered and it can start being prepared right away.

Easily add particular requests with Notes and Custom Prices.

If your customer orders a burger and wants all the condiments possible, you can add a note to the item to let the kitchen staff know that the customer has a special request. You can also charge an additional amount to the bill without creating a new item in case the customization will put a dent in your margins. Just be sure to let your customer know of the added charge beforehand, of course – no one wants a surprised hangry guest!

In case you have a particular item that is often customized, save the time you use calculating the additional cost by simply giving the product a custom price. You can do this by leaving the price field blank when creating or editing a product. The app will then prompt you to enter a price whenever you select that item.

Don’t waste time calculating a discount if your customer has legitimately earned one.

Hanger can make us say and do stupid things, meaning staff members deal with abuse when they don’t deserve it. But sometimes employees do make mistakes, and a hangry customer will need a little extra soothing. Consider giving a discount to help put your customer at ease; with Shopbox, you can do percentage-based single-item discounts if there was a certain dish that was not up to standards, or you can discount the entire bill if the whole experience was less pleasant than expected. Naturally, you can also use discounts as a positive promotional tool to encourage hanger-sufferers to come to you rather than spread their hanger into the world while looking for the best price.

Feed Hungry Customers

Sometimes it’s best to skip the argument and just go for the discount.

Use customer transaction history to positively surprise your guests.

With Shopbox, customer transaction history is saved, meaning you can see what your regular customers bought every time they came to visit. Use this information to find out what their favourite items are or what time of day they prefer certain drinks. When your regular customers come in looking a little hangrier than most days, you can have their favourite dish already waiting for them or surprise them with their usual drink while they take a look over the menu.

Employees can spend less time looking at screens and more time interacting with customers.

Shopbox is intuitive and easy to use. Staff members can be quickly trained how to use the app, and transactions are a breeze once they’ve gotten the hang of it. A hangry customer wants to be sure they’re being heard so that they can rest easy knowing their hunger will soon be satisfied. With less time spent looking at the POS screen, trying to find items or the correct payment type, employees can focus on face-to-face interaction with customers to make sure their needs are understood.

Hanger can be horrifying, whether you’re the one suffering from it or you’re just the unsuspecting victim of a hangry person’s rage. Hanger management doesn’t need to be stressful – try Shopbox free today!


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