by Larissa Gutscher

If you live in Copenhagen, you know: it’s that time of year.

That’s right. Starting on Wednesday, hundreds of thousands of people will be flooding the streets of Nørrebro and Vesterbro for Copenhagen’s annual street party, Distortion. While Distortion started as a not-entirely-legal gathering of Copenhagen’s underground nightlife, it has since grown into one of the city’s biggest and most anticipated events.

If you aren’t partaking in the festivities, seeing so many party animals roaming the streets during the day can be a pain. Fortunately, there are several ways you can take advantage of the madness.


Vesterbro in 2015. Photo credit: Larissa Gutscher

Drunk people like food

In between dancing and downing beers, many Distortion attendees are going to be searching for the best place to satisfy their hunger and keep the party going. If you didn’t get the chance or didn’t want to set up a food truck in the midst of a huge crowd of people, you can still use the mood of the city to your advantage.

With an influx of tourists and an increased chance of bike theft, many partygoers will be heading to Distortion using the S-train or Metro. By setting up shop near a popular stop such as Valby or Christianshavn, you can delight visitors heading to or from the street party who aren’t keen on waiting in the long queues in Nørrebro or Vesterbro. (Of course, make sure you’re not selling your food somewhere you shouldn’t be.)


Photo credit: Simon Lau via VisitDenmark

What kind of food should you be serving? Distortion attendees won’t be looking for delicious wine and cheese pairings. Instead, focus on items from your menu that go great with beer or a rum and Coke. Filling dishes like burgers or tacos that are easy to carry are always a smart choice. You may not see a lot of eagerness for salads, but it’s a good idea to also offer non-meat dishes since vegetarians are often overlooked.

The happier you make your drunken customers (and that’s not too difficult), the more likely they’ll be to come back during a regular week. Be sure to encourage interaction with your company by having your patrons include your Instagram handle in their Distortion photos, or by letting them scan a QR code for a post-Distortion special offer at your store.

Create a memory

Distortion is above all an experience, and people want their experiences to be positively memorable. Take the opportunity to sell Distortion-themed items alongside your usual goods, such as t-shirts or wristbands. Hand out free balloons. Have one of your most talented staff members offer to paint body art. Create something that will make partygoers want to take a photo and capture a memory. It’s great advertising for your business and it will make your brand stand out in people’s minds.


Photo credit: Victor Stawicki via VisitDenmark

Host your own party

Not everyone is excited about the prospect of dancing in a crowded street in the middle of the day – but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the concept of Distortion. By offering your store as a venue, you can invite your most loyal customers to partake in a more private, but certainly not less fun, party of your own. Best of all, you get to serve all the food and drinks, making it a great opportunity to test new products and get your guests interested in your offerings.

Be there on the morning after

Partying all day is exhausting. And considering each evening of Distortion ends with a club party, the city will be full of tired and hungover people every morning for the rest of the week. If Distortion itself isn’t your scene, create special offers for the morning and early afternoon that people can enjoy to start their day. This is a fantastic opportunity to offer Copenhagen’s Best Post-Distortion Brunch, complete with your own Distortion-themed Bloody Mary, or a super sweet croissant that gives your guests the sugar rush they need to keep going.

When an event is so huge it prompts thousands of locals and tourists spend the majority of their day outside of their rooms, there are plenty of opportunities for your business to prosper. What will you be doing to make the most out of Distortion?

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