by Christian Zigler

Let’s face it. The digital age has more hold of us than we have in it. But the time has come and thousands of shops worldwide have seen the idea in replacing their older cash register for newer, more modern iPad and tablet-based solutions. Saving money, efficiency and just being more mobile with their business.

We are very excited about this development at Shopbox, and for me as a founder it is quite amazing to see how shops increase their focus when handling its customers: while saving time and money. Our customers are clear on how better they run their business, increase revenue and get more efficient when changing to a tablet based model (like an iPad). Shopbox goes a step further, allowing shop owners to have their business in their pocket since Shopbox also runs on iPhone (Android version coming soon).

The idea is to think “simple”

We started Shopbox 3 years ago with the sole purpose of making it easier for stores and independent professionals to handle their customers. We built a tablet-based cash register with the 3 essential features that we believe solves most stores’ needs:

– The actual Point-of-Sale / Cashier system

– A simple Economy and Reporting function

– An integrated and simple inventory function

An average business owner saves 3-4 hours of work per week using our solution according to our client interviews. Those extra hours mean the world to most business owners. We built an intelligent but simple solution that our customers really like. Because it was build right from the start. We conducted hundreds of interviews with shops and we stood behind the counter, next to the business owner in their shops, restaurants, bars and many other kinds of retail shops. All with the purpose of figuring out what shops really want.

People are paying with their phones: new mobile payment methods

New technologies allow people to pay with their mobile phones. We matched that with a simple way of allow your cash register to accept mobile payments in an easy, costless way.

We are testing Swipp and MobilePay in Denmark. More than 2 million Danes can now pay things with their phone and shop owners can leverage  on that. It is easy, safe and cool. Your clients and you don’t have to carry as much money as before. Our integration with MobilePay and Swipp is now being tested by a few selected customers.

Shopbox will also come later in the year with other modules such as Restaurant, Booking, Loyalty and eShop. Our goal is to collect all complexity under one app, powered by a simple experience. Because it makes sense, our motto is One business – One app.

I hope this helped you with some considerations about your current Cashier / Point of Sale setup and whether or not to upgrade. If not Shopbox I wish you all the best with another solution. And if your dear old cash register subsists for the time being, we wish it well. But congratulations if you want to try something new. I of course think you should jump into it. I don’t know many that regretted going digital in this sense. Perhaps because most people I know switched to Shopbox.