by Christian Zigler

Our vision is to be the only app that a business owner and his/her staff will need to manage and run their small businesses (retail shops, restaurants, cafes, …).

So, what about payments, accounting and all those other services that you may already be using?

Shopbox’s mantra is to be insanely customer-centric, and our integration strategy reflects that. Our goal is to integrate with the tools you need.


We want our customers to work with the tools that they’re familiar with, not enforce new tools on them. That’s why we’re focusing on integrating with as many third-party tools as possible.


Some of our clients work with payment provider X, but later they may want to switch when their economics make different sense. We don’t force customers to be locked into a single supplier so they can easily switch when they wish.


Shopbox is the first app allowing shop owners to have have a birds-eye view over their business in a single app. Before, they’d have to consult multiple sites and fetch data from multiple data points, use excel… Now, we let you run and control your business from one app, like it should be.

Low Cost

We want our customers to be better at their business, with less costs and without sacrificing quality. Our integrations reflect that.

We are already integrated with Dineroe-conomic and Billy’s Billing and are currently working on a large number of integrations that are released on an ongoing basis.

Are you considering using Shopbox?

We wanna know what you need. If you can’t find the integration that you need, give us a call. We’re currently finalizing a few integrations that will be launched very soon and we want to know which should be prioritized based on your needs.

Interested in integrating your app with Shopbox?

We are now welcoming multiple software provider to integrate with Shopbox. We invite you to contact us to discuss more details and to share your vision on how we can become great partners for the benefit of our customers.