Lauras Bakery & Shopbox

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Why Shopbox?

Kristian Vangsgaard is the founder of Lauras Bakery who sells premium quality and ecological baked goods freshly made in 5 different locations around Copenhagen. With a rapidly expanding business, Kristian has chosen to use a modern point-of-sale system to manage his business because of the many advantages and opportunities it creates for him and his business. Shopbox allows him to learn more about his business by capturing data about his customers, his sales and his employees, giving him the opportunity to make smarter business decisions every day based on past performance and other relevant metrics. With a cloud-based point-of-sale like Shopbox, Kristian is guaranteed to stay on top of evolving technological trends because updates and new features are pushed automatically and for free, while customer support is effective and efficient because it’s app-based and doesn’t require expensive investments to be fixed or replaced. Finally, the system is intuitive and easy to use, meaning he does not have to spend much time training new employees who instead are able to start selling right away.




The e-conomic integration allows the bakery to save time with end-of-day reports and procedures, while also providing an insight into performance at any given point and time. Shopbox allows Lauras Bakery to individually evaluate performance at the different locations around Copenhagen, or view the different stores as a combined enterprise – all through the same app. Furthermore, Shopbox only partners with the best hardware on the market, allowing for easy, secure and reliable payments.

Watch the video by pressing the play button above to hear how Shopbox makes a difference for Lauras Bakery every single day.

Fast payments & all types
Fast employee
Collect data from employees, staff and customers
Less time spent on administration
Several locations, one app
Let us give you a free demo of Shopbox in action – no commitment, no credit card.