by Christian Zigler

Shopbox is growing bigger and bigger! Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that our founder, Christian Zigler will be the only Danish speaker on the startup stage on WIRED Retail event 2015 in London.

What is WIRED Retail 2015 all about?

From life-changing apps to 3D printing and human-computer interfaces. The agenda of the WIRED Retail 2015 will cover various topics about new technologies bringing our lives to the next stage of the digital integration.

It is a one-day life changing showcase for everyone who wants to meet tech giants, ambitious entrepreneurs and future leaders. The most knowledgeable speakers from different corners of the world will share their thoughts, experience and ideas with the public.

Meet Christian Zigler at WIRED Retail Bupa Startup Stage

Shopbox Wired 2015Christian believes in big dreams, constant development and by being CEO of Shopbox he wants to change the way we look at business. He spend countless hours on studying the future of retail and its prospects, so he knows how many opportunities there are for everyone. You will be attending a visionary speech about how Shopbox looks at the retail business.

Christian will talk about insights of payments and how this will be disrupted and dominated by non-banking companies and why retailers need to consider adding “e-” in everything they do from POS to staff. Christian Zigler understands the future of retail – we all need to be a little more creative in everything we do and to start thinking like startups and put “e” in everything. It is a long way to go but he believes that everything is possible with the right set of online tools.

The future of POS is here

So what is Shopbox? It is an app designed to be an all-in-one solution for small shop owners. It has a cash register, customer club, eshop and inventory function in the same app. It enables retailers to maintain their entire business running multiple outlets and take care of them using only a smartphone. It helps reducing costs and more importantly – save time so business owners can focus running their business. Not managing it.

So why is it so important to be on WIRED Retail?

Did you know that WIRED Retail 2015 event is organized by “Wired” magazine community? Back in 1993 the magazine touted itself as the “Rolling Stone” of technology. Mainly because of its originality and cultural impact.

Now, WIRED community uncovers the most amazing stories from diverse, wide-ranging people about how technology and innovation has changed their lives. Whether it is a new product, economy or new media, there are incredible networking opportunities and possibilities to get inspired by people just like you, hungry for inspiration. All the speakers bring the future to your hands – this is the occasion to create trends and transform retail forever.

Together we can change the future. We hope to see you soon.