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Many business owners choose a digital accounting system so they can save time. An accounting system offers some options that you cannot get through an excel sheet. Via a digital accounting system, you get a lot of processes automated, such as VAT statement, key figures and financial bookkeeping. The accounting system pulls the reports and data itself, so you don't have to spend time making the reports in an excel sheet. It gives you extra time to focus on developing your business and spend your resources on what creates value for you.

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Create and send invoices easily and straightforwardly.
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Wage integration

Manage your employees' salaries in e-conomic.
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VAT statement

See your VAT statement directly in your accounting system.

Hvorfor vælge e-conomic?

Many business owners, bookkeepers and accountants use e-conomic as their preferred accounting system. Via e-conomic, you get your cash flows automated so that you can easily draw up reports and reconcile your accounts. e-conomic is both the accounting system on the market with the most experience and is also the system with the most functions and integrations. This makes e-conomic an attractive player on the market, which can support your business in many areas.


With e-conomic you can, among other things:

  • Create and send invoices
  • Get salary integration
  • Manage customer management
  • See VAT statement
  • Get open API for your system.

These functions are included in all e-conomics package solutions. You can get more features depending on which package you choose. Read more about the different packages below.


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e-conomics packages and prices

There are several package solutions you can choose from. The cheapest is called Startup and costs DKK 129/month. The package that E-conomic itself recommends is Small Business for DKK 199/month and the most expensive and most advanced package is called Professional and costs DKK 379/month.

The number of features depends on the prices. For example, Small Business can send reminders and handle bank reconciliations, which the Startup package cannot. It is therefore important that you think about which functions are important for your business before you commit to a package solution. A good rule of thumb is that the packages that the companies themselves recommend are often the most bought. If you therefore have a business that is not too complex, but still needs a number of functions, then the recommended packages are often a good choice.

Få integration fra e-conomic til Shopbox

With Shopbox, you can get a point of sale system that communicates with your accounting system. Det vil sige, at de salg, der bliver registreret i dit kassesystem automatisk bliver overført til E-conomic, så du har et overblik begge steder. This makes it easy to manage the ongoing accounting and saves you from a lot of duplicate work. In addition, it is easy to get started with the integration and we at Shopbox are happy to set it all up for you if you need it.


More options


You have both the option of sending invoices from your Shopbox point of sale system, where the transaction is registered both at Shopbox and in E-conomic, but you can also choose to send invoices from E-conomic, where the transaction is registered at both Shopbox and E-conomic . This gives you the flexibility to choose the solution that suits you best.

Contact us and hear more about the integration

Contact us on tel. 31 13 15 15 and hear more about the integration to E-conomic or contact us via email at support@shopbox.com. We are always ready to answer your questions and if you want a free demo of the Shopbox point of sale system and how it interacts with E-conomic, we are more than happy to take the time for you.


Read more about all our functions here

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All-in-one solution

Shopbox quickly sets up a full POS solution for you that talks to your business systems, stores and payment solutions.
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Custom integrations

Shopbox point of sale system can integrate with your accounting system, your webshop, bank and much more.
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Create growth through data

Via Shopbox you can get data on your employees, transactions and your inventory.

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