Get your own
digital menu card

Now you can get a digital menu card. From here, your customers can order
food via a QR code from their table in your restaurant or from home,
if your guests prefer take away. By having your own solution for
ordering, everything will take place on your terms, and all orders go directly
into your cash register system. It does not get any easier.

Get the digital menu card for your restaurant

Avoid letting third-party vendors take up to 30% of a sale and keep your menu card on your terms. By having your own solution, you can add discounts and promotions exactly when you want it.


Shopbox can offer you a digital menu card:

✅ Your guests can order from the table via a QR code

✅ Your guests can order take away from your menu

✅ App and website in your own colors, font and logo

✅ All orders go directly to your kitchen as well as to your checkout system

The Farm’s Kitchen app has received 5 stars

Farm’s Kitchen was one of our first customers to get their own digital menu card. Their app has now received a rating of 5 stars in the app store and their sales have increased significantly as they now have an extra channel to attract guests. A review reads:

“Easy app with pictures of all the dishes! Yes, thank you! We missed that. Good food, great service and just easy”.

Did you know that…

a delivery service can take up to a 30% commission for its services? This doesn’t seem fair, does it? We’d have to agree. Why should a third-party supplier get such a large piece of the pie when customers can simply order directly from your app or online order page? The majority of your customers are repeat visitors. By encouraging them to order directly from you, a better price can be offered through, e.g., discounts and additional services while you avoid these absurdly high fees.  It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

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Your guests can order from their table

✅ Your guests scan a QR code and open the app

✅ Then they order and pay via mobile

✅ The order goes directly into your checkout system and into the kitchen

Attract more loyal customers by offering bonus points and gift cards directly in the app!

Make it easy for your customers to order take-out

Get a stand-alone take-out app designed with your own colors and logo

✅ Your customers can order food via the menu in the app

✅ The order will be sent to your kitchen and checkout system

✅ Your customers pay directly in the app via security-approved payment solutions.

You can also offer bonus points and gift cards to your guests who want take away. Then you increase the chances that they will order food from you again!

Get a custom marketing kit for your ordering app

Get your own customized marketing kit so you don’t need to spend time producing materials with a QR code. We save you the hassle and take care of everything from A to Z!

Get fliers designed with your own colors and logo

Get stickers featuring your own colors and logo

Integrate a QR code for your app and website with fliers/stickers.


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