Payment terminal

In the day-to-day operations of businesses within the service, retail and restaurant industries, something as simple as a payment terminal helps to create a large added value. At Shopbox, we want to give you the opportunity to create the best customer service. That is why we have developed a highly efficient POS system where you can achieve the full potential of your business.

What must a payment terminal be able to do?

In order to achieve the smoothest operation, it is necessary to have user-friendly and accessible equipment so that the store staff can maintain a high level of service. Here, it is absolutely crucial for the customers as well as the company that the payment works optimally. Therefore, we ensure that you achieve a fast, efficient and secure payment through our range of payment terminals.

A payment terminal must be able to:

✅ Support contactless payment

✅ Process a quick transaction

✅ Connects to your point of sale system


Shopbox POS

At Shopbox you will find a selection of the market’s newest and best payment terminals. They all support contactless payment, allowing store staff to meet customers where they are. This creates ultra-high flexibility, resulting in a better customer experience. The payment terminals are connected to Shopbox’s POS system, which provides optimal interaction across the company and thus a more efficient result.

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En god terminal er nøglen til god service

It is an important factor that as a business owner you have the right equipment, including payment terminals. At Shopbox, we offer you a complete package with all the necessary equipment and a complete point of sale solution for a fixed monthly price. In this way, it does not require a large investment from you to get started. Therefore, you also do not have to compromise on the quantity and quality of equipment, which will go beyond the service level. You may benefit from considering your own needs within the following equipment and the interaction between input device, payment terminal, receipt printer, cash drawer and scanner.

The input devices can be, for example, PC, MAC, tablet or mobile devices. These can all contribute to a high level of service in combination with the right needs. Depending on the industry in question that your company is in, the needs will vary. Therefore, it is always important to make sure that there is a match between equipment and needs. If you are in doubt about which box solution suits your needs, you can read more about your options here.

With a payment terminal, you have the opportunity to accommodate customers, as you can offer them several forms of payment. Depending on the industry, several terminals may be needed. In the restaurant industry, for example, there is often a need for several terminals in order to serve several customers at the same time, so that a high level of service can thus be maintained. With Shopbox’s point of sale system, you also have the option of connecting a receipt printer. It is preferred that this is available among most customers. In addition, our POS solution allows you to send the receipts directly to the customer’s e-mail, which can facilitate the payment process. Several companies still have a cash drawer as part of their cash register for receiving cash payments. Here we also have a selection of different cash drawers that vary in size, design and functions.

Hvilken betalingsterminal er den rette for dig?

When setting up your till, we offer you the following payment terminals:

✅ Lane3000 Bambora/Nets

✅ Move3500 Bambora/Nets (stand alone)

✅ SumUp Air

✅ SumUp 3g (Stand alone)


The Lane model has a simple setup and is designed to ensure a fast transaction flow with the possibility of contactless payment. It is therefore suitable for busy businesses where payment must take place quickly and efficiently. The terminal is wired and must therefore either be set up with a USB or network cable. Your employees will easily and simply be able to use this model and ensure fast and at the same time good service. The Move terminal is wireless and therefore suitable for restaurants, as it allows you to move around among the customers. It therefore offers high flexibility, which is typically necessary in restaurants and cafes with both indoor and outdoor areas. The terminal has a user-friendly and intuitive interface and is therefore simple to handle. SumUp Air is known for its small size and minimalist design. The mobile terminal allows contactless payment, which ensures a fast payment process. SumUp Air is best suited for smaller businesses, including small cafes and kiosks, associations and clubs.

SumUp 3g has been given the title of Denmark’s simplest card terminal, as it works super simply. Like SumUp Air, the 3g model is mobile and contactless. The terminal is ideal for businesses looking for a simple solution to accept payments without additional equipment. The ISMP4 model has a simple setup and always provides lightning fast payment. The terminal is connected to the point of sale system via bluetooth, which means it can work wirelessly. It is easy to use and ensures fast and good operation.


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