Increase your sales with the Customer Loyalty Module

Get the Customer Loyalty Module to keep track of your customers and keep your eye on your sales. The Customer Loyalty Module makes it possible for you to acquire more key customers by offering bonus points, discount levels, and gift cards. Read more below about the solution, which you can manage directly from your Shopbox POS system.

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Discount levels

Create discount levels to increase your sales of certain products.

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Gift cards

Create digital gift cards that your key customers can purchase for friends and acquaintances, allowing you to easily land and expand your customer base.

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Bonus points

Give your customers a “gift” to encourage them to visit more often.

Which features are included in the module?

The Customer Loyalty Module gives you access to detailed data on your customers. Among other things, you’ll gain insight into your customers’ behavior by tracking their prior purchases. The insight you gain into the customer experience at your store can be worth its weight in gold when it’s time to evaluate and optimize your business processes.


But the module delivers more than just insight into the data. It’s also custom-designed for businesses with B2C customers and includes several innovative features that can lead to repeat business and increased customer satisfaction. 


These features include:

  • Discounts for certain product categories
    It can be advantageous to provide a discount for a product line that’s being phased out so you can ensure you’ll sell the remainder of your inventory.
  • Gift cards for key customers and new shoppers
    Encourage your key customers to attract new shoppers to your business by providing them with gift cards. This can expand your customer base.
  • Bonus points for key customers
    Allow your customers, for example, to get the 10th item free through bonus points. This benefits both you and them as they receive a “gift” while you ensure that they come back time and time again.

Why select the Customer Loyalty Module?

Save resources by managing your entire business from a single system. The Customer Loyalty Module helps you increase your sales and gain more insight into your data, all from your POS system. This means that you don’t need to spend money on additional systems since everything is right in one place.

Why an all-in-one system makes sense:

  • Save money by using just one system
  • No need to remember more than one password
  • No need to learn the features of multiple systems

Contact us and learn more about getting a Customer Loyalty Module for your business.

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